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    Parts For Sale Gen 2 OEM Windshield - Free + Shipping

    I need it. Please send shipping cost. Zip code is 42376
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    For Sale: 2012 Fjr1300 $11,900 In North Dakota

    Sounds like a completely stock bike with low miles and no farkles and the best color. Pictures of those bikes are all over the internet.
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    FS:Stock Seat

    sent you a pm
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    FS: Bill Mayer Saddle - Gen II

    Hello Cheeseyrider. I noticed in both of the pics of the bike, the seat is located in the high position. If it can be moved to the lower position, it might work for you or someone else on the board who might like to buy it.
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    WTB: Gen 2 Risers

    pm is on the way
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    WTB-- Genmar risers for an '07

    I have a set if you are still looking. I'll pm/email you.
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    *SOLD* Gen 2 front sargent seat F/S

    next in line if it's not sold
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    MotorCycle Cruise Controls

    Received the package today safe and sound. Looks like a real nice product and I can't wait to get started. Thanks
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    MotorCycle Cruise Controls

    I will take it. I emailed you and I have a couple of questions first. thanks