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  1. harper

    Throttlemeister O-Rings

    Here's a short thread on the ST forum. That's not to say they're the same o-rings but they are standard.
  2. harper

    Throttlemeister O-Rings

    Remember the Throttlemeister is NOT cruise control, it's a throttle lock. It's job is to give your right hand a rest every now and then. It will NOT hold your speed at 70mph if you set it there. It will speed up or slow down depending on the grade you're on. I think the little o-rings in there...
  3. harper

    iPhone Routing Apps

    Kurviger is a German navigation app that is in development. I have used it for a couple of years. They have just recently released an iOS version in the last 6 months or so for iPads and iPhones. I think you can add 250 shaping points or way points. I usually...
  4. harper

    Parts Wanted Stiffy, Brodie ground kit, left side luggage rear

    Sorry. Had to do it.
  5. harper

    Road Noise

    I should have known a sissy like you would still be using tires. Seasoned riders don't need tires...or saddles, or clutches, or handlebars, or brakes. They just ride the engine...uphill, sideways, against the rain. Windshield? Hah.
  6. harper

    Tall Rider & Wind Buffeting? - 2nd Gen

    Sitting tall in the saddle here (but not as tall as Panman) I have tried stock, Yamaha touring, V-Stream, tilted V-Stream, and currently have Cee Bailey +4 +4. Nothing completely eliminated buffeting. Having the windscreen all the way down always helps but, as mentioned, the sacrifice is reduced...
  7. harper

    ABS Issue

    Take this advice from the ever-wise mcatrophy certainly. My '06 was corroded to the point that tapping was not completely effective. I had to grasp the tab with vice grips, twist several times back and forth, and then pull. Remove corrosion from the tab with carborundum paper. Don't get a file...
  8. harper

    Cracks in the Aft SubFrame

    George! And the day before mother's day. This is a family forum.
  9. harper

    The best year for the FJR1300

    I'm back to black with an '08, baby.
  10. harper

    The best year for the FJR1300

    I never understood why anyone was so enamored with the 2007 grotesque black-cherry-lavender color. It is the only color I would never consider buying. But I suppose it's a matter of personal taste. Mine just happens to be impeccable.
  11. harper

    The best year for the FJR1300

    I had a similar problem with my '06. I loved the color, could do without the snatchy throttle which Ivan's flash almost corrected, but it just couldn't take being hit by a car. Now I love the '08.
  12. harper

    is there a better brake lever?

    Just remove the lever. It's excess, unnecessary weight. And using the brakes is over-rated.
  13. harper

    The best year for the FJR1300

    The one you currently own is always the best.
  14. harper

    Hi all, new from Oregon

    That much authentic crocodile skin would make the seat pair worth a few thousand dollars. I wonder if it's faux?
  15. harper

    How to resurrect Yamaha FJR1300 that's been parked in my garage for 7 years?

    I like my tinnitus. It reminds me of being back in the mid west in the summer with all the cicadas screaming. Of course it would be nice to turn them off at will but they're not having it. Lots of things going on in my seventies that just aren't very co-operative. Still above ground, though...
  16. harper

    Caliper Rebuild

    Here is an excellent photo of the ABS actuator connector posted by SooterG. Also, a great YouTube video of the ABS flush posted by Two Wheeled Obsession.
  17. harper

    Gen 1 valve clearance check info/help

    This is an excellent summary, especially this: which always seems to happen.
  18. harper

    Pumpkin Leak

    I only ask because I have been fooled by a leak that appeared under the rear brake caliper. It turned out being shock oil that ran down the swing arm and dripped onto the floor right under the rear brake caliper.
  19. harper

    Pumpkin Leak

    Are you certain it was gear oil? Viscous, same smell?
  20. harper

    Speedo Healer or Something Similar

    My local speed limit is always whatever is in front of me. Very accurate.