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    Gen3 Front and Rear Seats -- Throttlemeister Cruise

    Front and rear Gen3 seats. Perfect condition. $125.00 plus shipping CONUS. PayPal Accepted. Throttlemeisterster SOLD Seats still available Text 225-317-5685 for pic. ALL SOLD
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    Two Brothers Titanium Slip On System

    Two Brothers Titanium Slip On System with M-5 cannisters. Perfect condition. No dings or scratches. Complete in factory shipping packaging, Pair of P1 and P1X silencers included. Fits all year FJR'S. $450.00, plus shipping. Pay-Pal accepted. Text 225-317-5685 for pictures. In Baton Rouge. La...
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    Marc Parnes Wheel Ballancer

    It had about 35,000 when it got totaled out in the 1000 yr. flood we had here in south Louisiana in 2016. I stripped all the farkles off of it before it got towed away.
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    Marc Parnes Wheel Ballancer

    Marc Parnes wheel balancer. Model for FJR rims, with assortment of factory FJR rim weights included. $80.00 shipped in USA.. Pay-Pal accepted. Text 225-317-5685 SOLD!!!
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    Coffman's Exhaust

    Sounds like a rubber band motor!
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    2 brothers noise suppressors

    When I first got the TB's I got the P1 silencers. Rode about two months like this, including a 1000 plus mile trip. Got tired of the noise, took the cans off and went back to stock. Thought about selling them but could not make myself do it. Then TB's came out with the P1x. I thought what the...
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    Givi rack for GenII

    I just sent a note to Givi USA Tech. Department about this. I tried to describe this situation the best I could without pics, Lets see if they respond.
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    Problems with Givi SR357 install.

    I had the exact problem with mine. I returned it to the vendor and they sent me another one. It was the same way. I was able to start all bolts like other folks did, but I was afraid to pull them all the way down also. I had three washers about one eight inch thick and put them under the three...
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    Tach Doesn't Always Reset

    It sounds like to me the tach on the low end of the scale while idling simply has a slight bind in the servo motor, which wont allow the needle to fall back to zero when engine is switched off. When on power up with the ignition switch, the needle swings wildly from zero to full scale and back...
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    SHAD SH50 Install

    No I have not. There are metal inserts molded into the plastic where the attaching bolts go through to keep the plastic from cracking the plastic when tightened. When removed, the rack assy. is very light weight. Take it completely off and you can tell it is not metal. The point is it breaks...
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    SHAD SH50 Install

    I got a broken one to prove it! reference post # 15 on this forum topic.
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    SHAD SH50 Install

    The difference is that the Givi 357 rack is made of heavy steel. The factory grab rail is not aluminum, it is PLASTIC. After awhile of use the factory grab rail will break at the points just outside of the two mounting bolts circled in red where the rail goes under the seat edge. At that point...
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    Sill Running Like Crap!

    Reseat and take a close look at the main ECU connector at the ECU. I remember when the ECU recall was going on there were problems going on after the recall was done. Look for wire or wires that may have partially backed out the back side of the connector.
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    GEN I GEN II Mufflers Interchangeable?

    How about catshit !!
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    GEN I GEN II Mufflers Interchangeable?

    If you take a flashlight and look carefully into the input side of a Gen ll can pass the curve you can see a portion of the honeycomb cat. It is easier to see it on the right or left side can, I dont remember which because the radius of the curve in the pipe is a little different from one can to...