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    Throttle spring on 2012 FJR

    Thanks mcatrophy, makes sense unless anybody knows any different?
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    Throttle spring on 2012 FJR

    I unhooked the middle throttle spring on my old 2007 FJR and really liked the effect. I have now got a 2012 model and would like to do the same, I know that Yamaha made changes to the throttle springs between those years to lessen the tension. Its still nowhere near as loose as an 'unhooked'...
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    Ass End Collapse

    I'm glad this is getting a bit of publicity your side because I get my FJR serviced at the club workshop in the UK who do nothing but FJRs and they reckon about 1 in 10 bikes they see is seizing or starting to seize. Once the bearings do seize the dogbones will inevitably break one day and when...
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    Ass End Collapse

    I live in the UK and posted a warning that this rear ebd collapse was going to start happening on your side of the pond if people werent aware of the issue,I'm glad to see no serious injuries in this incident. We've had some serious accidents in the UK. Basically the rear linkage bearings come...
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    Photo's of how to get under the Tank

    Just adding my thanks. Followed the write up and it was easy. Initila impressiomns are that its definitely improved things as far as general riding is concerned although as others have alluded the throttle doesn't snap back as fast of course so engine braking doesnt cut in quite as rapidly now.
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    CO adjustment/ECU

    My 07 model FJR had the ECU unit replaced under the altitude recall thing. My question is should the CO settings (that you can see after making the Barbarian mod) have also been changed. The standard settings still show 5,18,18,21 which I know is consistent across all 07 models but with this...
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    From Nuetral to First

    Pull in the clutch and wait a few seconds while the wet plates stop spinning. Then it goes in easily
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    Rear Suspension Bearings

    Check your dogbone rear linkages very carefully for any signs of fatigue, if the bearing was seized these will have been put under strain and in Europe we have had a few cases of failure. When it happens its a major event, the suspension collapses, rear wheel seizes and you will likely go down.
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    FJR rear suspension linkages

    No in fact the most common year so far has been the 2003 I think. It's purely an age, seizure thing but if I had a bike of your age and mileage I would make absolutely sure I got those links disassembled and greased. Service manual says it should be done annually/ every 12,000 miles but as I...
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    FJR rear suspension linkages

    I look at this forum from time to time from the UK and have not seen anything about the above issue posted so to help avoid anybody having an accident over there am posting the links below. There have been a few incidents of the rear wheel locking after the linkages broke. If correctly...
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    Barbarian Jumper Modification for Gen II bikes

    I had the ECU on an 07 replaced under recall - the altitude thingy. Can somebody confirm that the Barbarian jumper mod is still the same for the new replacement ECU's following this recall. Thanks
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    V stream screen

    I inherited a V steam screen from the last owner and tried it out for the first time today. Im 6' 2" and reckon it would be very good for those long tour rides. Doesnt flatter the bike looks wise so for day to day use I'm not going to fit it. I was just wondering though about the amount of...
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    Just test rode a brand new 2009 ABS model - clutch?

    Ive got an 07 (heavier clutch supposedly than 09) and I found quite heavy first of all. Basically I think the specific muscles strengthen up as you ride the bike and I also tend to pull more at the end of the lever which makes it lighter. Now after a couple of months it feels completely natural
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    Both suspension pins failed. Lucky I was only doing 15mph

    The two suspension pins that broke referred to in this post, are they the dog bones? Or the bolts holding them in place? Or what? Looks like the original post on this topic hasn't replied to any questions so I'm asking anybody who may understand what parts actually broke here. Thanks
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    Metal cleaning

    Hello FJR'rs! Going to give the FJR a good clean tomorrow and was wondering about the unpainted metal, ie handlebars, exposed frame, wheels etc (not the chrome as I know this needs special care). Does this take metal polish of the bare metal variety (autosol in UK) or is it treated or coated in...
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    Bar Ends

    Thanks to those that responded
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    Bar Ends

    I do alot of filtering in London so have taken bar ends off the bike to make the bars as narrow as possible, in fact I dont think the small end bar weights provide any real vibration reduction anyway. (not that there is much to dampen) The trouble is that with the bar ends off they have a bit...
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    US spec FJR

    Many thanks guys,appreciated, all that information is great
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    US spec FJR

    I have just bought a US spec 2007 model FJR in the UK. I am interested to know if that it means it was built in the USA or are all FJR's built in Japan? Thanks in advance to anybody that takes the trouble to answer.