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  1. someguy

    Tourmaster Shield Rainsuit review

    Can you advise which model?
  2. someguy

    Seat options

  3. someguy

    Seat options

    @BillDownUnder . By chance do you have a link and a model for the seat you ordered? I went to the website (maybe the wrong one?) and don't see one for the FJR. thanks!
  4. someguy

    Seat options

    20 bikes over my years. OEM FJR seat is the worst ever. sad. Currently running a sargent, and it's great in the twisties/knee down but marginal for long long days. considering the Russel Sport as noted above. Have an air hawk and did a 1K day on it over the sargent... it was okay... and...
  5. someguy

    helmet speakers

    running the Shoei Neotec 2. has pockets built in and a spot for coms on the side... currently running in ear earbuds and it's marginal at best, and the only reason i haven't upgraded is i have not need for bike to bike or bike to pillion comms (at the moment). QUESTION: for those running...
  6. someguy

    Gen2/3 Subframe Stiffy Kit by Garauld

    also curious (zombie thread, i know)
  7. someguy

    Givi 357 Gen2/3 rack - supersized by Garauld

    update: still crushing it. very impressed.
  8. someguy

    helmet speakers

    seems to have strong reviews. also curious...
  9. someguy

    Installed 1" Risers this morning

    and your impressions??
  10. someguy

    Some lightning photography showing-off

    amazing work!!!!!!!
  11. someguy

    SOLD Gen II Accessories (MV Riser, RAM Bone, Bag guards)

    pm sent for mirror mount light brackets
  12. someguy

    Zerk Fitting mod- Relay arm

    FJReady custom unit looks perfect. can't wait to instal. i love this place! thank you FJRready!
  13. someguy

    Zerk Fitting mod- Relay arm

    what do you charge to do this upgrade?? have one on the bench but haven't tackled it yet. and curious what steps you take with the internals? very interested!
  14. someguy

    Power Commander V for Gen II

    nice. you don't have an AutoTune O2 sensor laying around by chance?
  15. someguy

    ear buds or in helmet bluetooth

    good reading. very sadly i recently discovered i have lost 40-50% of my hearing and have severe tinnitus. i would give anything to have this back and i'm very serious about investing in good protection for pretty much anything from mowing the lawn to riding... i wish to keep what i have left...
  16. someguy

    The Hog Phenomenon

    I thought it an interesting query. Perspective: I have owned 10-12 bikes in my 50 trips around the sun. Sometimes several at a time. none exotic all special in their own way. Sometimes several graced my stable at the same time. 5 of them were HD. some came home in boxes and were...
  17. someguy

    I Need New Boots

    Sidi On Road (if you can find them) and the Canyon... have owned a ton and these are the best i've had... own both and will buy again.. Good luck! keep us posted
  18. someguy

    FJR1300 ABS Test Harness

    nice. ordered the OBD and ABS kits. thanks!