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  1. sullivan

    PIAA 85114 twin pack horns

    Finally installed one of the two horns. Now that Yam has value-engineered the previous years' two horns to a single, I still want to go for it and add the second horn to the circuit as is.  I can't recall from previous posts if the gen 4/3.5/late model already has a relay or different amp fuse...
  2. sullivan

    2021 New Hampshire Bike Week

    Beautiful weather in the northeast USA lately.  This purchased pic from RoadPics taken as we approached from the southern end of Lake Winnipesaukee on last Saturday's opening day.
  3. sullivan

    PipeWerx slip-ons

    Decided to try PipeWerx products this morning.  Ordered titanium oval slip-ons from this GB company.  Other than my cc not liking the overseas transaction, I was pleased with their website and big selection of FJR pipes.  I'll update as it happens.
  4. sullivan

    Sunrise coffee run, Casco Bay & Portland Maine

    What the city waterfront is looking like, without tourists.  But the coffee shops are still closed, due to virus.  Got an early ride in, anyway. Notice no traffic.
  5. sullivan

    Feedback wanted: Amazon Photos

    Free app and photo storage with my Amazon Prime account. Thinking of investigating as my Smugmug account is needing renewal. Thoughts?
  6. sullivan

    Battery pig-tail o.e.m. on '16?

    My 16 had a pigtail on the right side, tucked behind the side plastic.  Without taking side plastic off my 19, does it also have one?  My thought is that perhaps the dealer put one on the 16 to keep it charged on the showroom floor over winter.
  7. sullivan

    Season ending

    Supposed to be nice for the upcoming weekend, with the lows between 25 and 29.  Days 41 to 47.  As long as the wet leaves are avoided, will  probably be the next to last rides of the season.  While previously, 10 - 12 months was doable, the house/garage was sold this past summer and I'll have to...
  8. sullivan

    t-rex-racing >>back in stock

    Placed my order tonight as soon as the notification came.  The engine guard crash cages are back in stock, or at least two dozen of them.  Late this summer, we on the waiting list got cancelled as their quality control did not accept the last batch.  I'm happy to have waited if that means I...
  9. sullivan

    New England foliage run

    A cold start this morning to catch the last of the foliage in New England, that didn't get stripped off by the recent storm.  FJR attendees: two.  But nice day out with many regional friends.  Mt. Graylock (3400'+) was swamped with tourists so most of us turned around for lower scenic vista...
  10. sullivan

    Ride Reports > safety note

    I've been curious about roads that look "refreshened", but not quite paved.  In the past, have seen break-down lanes sealed, but didn't realize that they could do it to travel lanes.  And no, this isn't the old fashioned asphalt and sand version of chip sealing.  Story says that it is "fog...
  11. sullivan

    2019 A tomorrow

    Non-ES at the dealer which I'm going to buy tomorrow (unless someone snuck in today to get it). To replace the 16 which replaced my 08. Anyway, 16 had damage from my driving error but then some knuckleheads tipped it over both ways to compound it. Thankyou, State Farm, for the check to...
  12. sullivan

    Parking in VA for Daytona bike week March 2019?

    Thinking of riding in Jacksonville, Florida with family who lives there. I'd be finally taking in the Daytona 200 and bike week scenery, mid-March. I can trailer from New England but we all know how that is somewhat frowned upon. Looks like VA would finally be warm enough to not have freezing...
  13. sullivan

    Season winding down

    Wow, this seemed like a short season. Hoping to get some fresh air tomorrow, although lots of snow fell last night, and the wet leaves make me more cautious than sand does in the springtime.
  14. sullivan

    Cannonball starting soon, in Portland Maine

    Looking forward to this once-only start in Portland.
  15. sullivan

    Maine ride guide, plus NH and VT

    For those heading this way, here's some helpful guides. Also available for free at most dealers and parts counters. Published in Bath, Maine. (Arizona, as well)
  16. sullivan

    2018 Loudon Classic and NH Bike Week plus the related, down the road a bit, bike week at the lake. May not make it until next weekend, at the races. Saturday usually features demo rides. Will try to make it to downtown.
  17. sullivan

    May 12th Massachusetts

    Meet and greet in West Boylston coming up. For those of us "riders" in New England who want to get out. Google.
  18. sullivan

    Hourly rates at dealer

    I've noticed that the dealer closest to me is charging $99 per hour for service. The other shop which isn't that much further away, I'll have to check pricing this week. Although some body panels and repairs will be covered by insurance, I'm not thrilled with that price looming in front of me...
  19. sullivan

    Can't find "what did you do ......"

    "What did you do to your fjr today" can't be found. I had unsubscribed a couple months ago. Is the topic now hidden from me? All the searching has produced no results.
  20. sullivan

    January thaw

    Had to ride Saturday as the thermometer reached 47.