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  1. Eric B

    Spirit Lake Hwy

    On Saturday, I rode down to Mt. St. Helens. I blasted down on I-5 to Hwy 505 and on to Hwy 504, Spirit Lake Hwy. Thanks to the cloudy weather, there was surprisingly little traffic for a Saturday. I was able to ride the twisty bits at a good clip without being held-up or having to pass many...
  2. Eric B

    FS 52/Skate Creek Road & Hwy 7

    I took my first ride of the year on Skate Creek Road from Ashford to Packwood on Thursday. The road is nice and clean. The frost heaves and slumps seem a liitle worse than last year though. There is just a little bit of gravel here and there on the Packwood end. It still was a fun ride...
  3. Eric B

    new 2012 in Auburn, WA

    Just in case anyone is interested, I noticed that Hinshaw's has a brand new 2012 on the show room floor. They have it listed at $10,990. This might be a pretty good deal for someone that doesn't need or desire a Gen 3.
  4. Eric B

    So there I was...

    On Wednesday, I decided it was time to get some maintenance done on my 2008. Within the first few minutes, I already had a problem, I stripped the two fuel tank front mount bolts while trying to remove them. Shit! Some dipshit (me), must have over-tightened them the last time the tank was...
  5. Eric B

    GPS mount option

    Here is a small write-up on my GPS setup on my 2008 FJR. It is partially in response to this thread: I have a Garmin 2455. I originally used a standard Ram mount with a Ram arm mounted to the Helibars triple clamp...
  6. Eric B

    Mt. St. Helens/GPNF fall ride

    I rode a 316 mile loop this last Friday. I left my house at 8:30 AM and got back a little after 4 PM. I rode from Tacoma, down through Morton on Hwy 7 and then over to Randle on Hwy 12. From there I rode NF 25 south and picked up NF 99 up to Windy Ridge. From there, I went back to NF25 and...
  7. Eric B

    Ride Friday 18 Oct

    I am planning on going for a ride tomorrow. I am thinking about running down to Windy Ridge or anywhere else. I just need to get out for the day. Anyone want to go?
  8. Eric B

    Remus Hexacone titanium slip-ons

    I guess I am getting old and/or just more conservative. I am selling a pair of Remus Hexacone titanium slip-ons. They have about 15k miles on them. I am asking for $700 shipped or $650 if I don't have to ship them. I am in Tacoma, WA.
  9. Eric B

    SS1000 to California, then 1300 more miles touring

    My friend Josh and I decided a while back that we wanted to do our first SS1000. We also decided to take the opportunity to check out northern California, and Oregon on the way back to Tacoma. Here is my bike clean and packed-up, ready to go: We departed the gas station on Canyon Rd and Hwy...
  10. Eric B

    Gen 2 stuff

    I have some Gen stuff taking up space in my garage. PM me or e-mail me at [email protected] Cee Bailey +4+2 with flip: $130 shipped Yamaha Touring windscreen: $70 shipped stock windscreen: $50 shipped G2 throttle tamer: $50 shipped OES frame sliders with 1 small ding on left side...