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  1. War Machine

    2016 Is Official 6-spd, Slipper, LEDs, Analog Tach, Price

    I'm a huge fan of the 6 speed transmission. In the beginning I would always search for that 6th gear while gobbling up mile after mile on the super-slabs with my 2008. Always felt that traveling @ inter-state speeds should be a more calming experience with that big motor (nothing wrong with...
  2. War Machine

    2006 or 2008

    Beary, I owned both the 06 & the 08. The 06 has an extremely twitchy throttle in stock form, making for very unsmooth canyon carving (corrected by the installation of a Power Commander). The 08 is smooth as glass & also has an updated ABS system. The 08 with only 5,000 miles on it is the one...
  3. War Machine

    New Sena Firmware released for 20S

    First of all the product we are talking about on this thread is the "new" 20S not the SM20. Here is a link to the Sena Help Forum which has 77 responses to "FM dosen"t work" as of this writing: /[/url] As for the bags...
  4. War Machine

    New Sena Firmware released for 20S

    Whether FM is dead or I don't use this feature anyway is not the point. Sena states FM radio as a selling feature of the 20S. And when it's customers complain about it not working they just ignore that the problem even exisists. It's like buying an FJR & the bags keep falling off when you ride...
  5. War Machine

    New Sena Firmware released for 20S

    I agree that this is a top rate item, but the new firmware does not improve FM reception which is a major flaw with the 20S. The way Sena hasn't even acknowledged that there is a problem with the FM reception makes me very concerned about their commitment to their customers.
  6. War Machine

    Heated grips

    Got tired of waiting for Warchilds eval. Bought the Gen II OEM kit from Hutchins Motor Sports in California last month for $288.99 with free shipping. Thought I'd pass along what I thought to be the cheapest price I found, but when going to the website to copy the Link (...
  7. War Machine

    Wax on Wax off

    ++ Excellent Shine, plus Longest lasting, for quickie ICE Detailer.
  8. War Machine

    HID conversion--Gen!

    Anyone have any experience with these? : I am considering purchsing them & installing them over the winter.
  9. War Machine

    StarComm and Engine Noise/Interferrence.

    I always start with the simplest solutions first. Its usually the cheapest! You mentioned that the Fuzeblock was powered from the battery, but you weren't precise as to the ground. Hopefully you grounded the fuzeblock from the battery also. This is the purest ground & will eliminate engine...
  10. War Machine

    XM Radio- quandry-

    Hey your setup a Zumo? Thinking of the Zumo 665 & wonder if this antenna would work with it. Cheaper alternative to the Garmin puck.
  11. War Machine

    Dunlop RoadSmart Feedback

    Have a set of Roads Smarts on my '08 coming up on 8K for both tires. I am not a "gentle" rider & they both are wearing evenly. Have about 4K left on front & 2K left on the rear. The secret to not have uneven wear for the front tire is make sure the tire is not underinflated. They call for 42...
  12. War Machine

    Heated Grips

    Found OEM Heated Grips for Gen II for $335. Babbitt's OEM Parts
  13. War Machine

    Bike Damaged By Cager

    First of all I'm glad your OK, & the cager is doing the right thing by you. As a commuter for over 30 years in NYC, to stay safe while commuting (or anytime really) it is a daily mental excersice that I try to improve on all the time. Besides riding skills I use something called Risk...
  14. War Machine

    Fuel Map Compromise Wanted

    Finally installed Blue Flame slipons on my '08, Totally Awesome. Completely changed the attitude of this bike. Already had a K&N air filter and PCIII with a stock map and bike ran extremely well. Decided to install map M419-02 (Gen II bike with 2 Brothers slip ons). I set the throttle position...
  15. War Machine

    Driver's and Passenger's Feet Vying for Position

    My wife & I both have average size shoes, 11 & 8. While riding there is no interference. But everytime I need to put the side stand down I have to move her foot out of the way if she wasn"t paying attention.
  16. War Machine

    Power Commander Installation

    Thanks everyone for the help. Bob was right, it's a black connector with 2 black, 1 white, & 1 blue wire. I disconnected it today, no engine light & it's running strong. Sometime this week I'll borrow my son's laptop & install a new map. I'll discuss which map I wound up using & tell how well...
  17. War Machine

    Power Commander Installation

    After the demise of my 06, I took the Power Commander III & installed it on my 08. I have run it this way (with the O2 sensor connected) K & N filter & stock exhaust ever since. The bike runs very well although rich (can smell it) with gas mileage down around 32 mpg. I recently installled a...
  18. War Machine

    Proper Tire Pressure

    Dunlop Roadsmarts - Cold Tire Pressure - Front 39, Rear 41. Excellent grip dry or wet. :rolleyes:
  19. War Machine

    Add me to the Haxacone Owners List

    Just heresay without pics.... :angry2:
  20. War Machine

    cowling prices

    Hey jride.... Did you notice that they want to charge you $228 for shipping!! That's the main reason I think ebay SUCKS!