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  1. Bluestreek

    Ray Slocomb, FjRay - Now on second honeymoon with Patti

    Glad we got to hang at the last Reuben Run in La Piine RIP my Friend
  2. Bluestreek


    And a good time was had by all. Thanks Ray!  🙂🙂
  3. Bluestreek

    Reuben Run 10 shirts and food

    Bummer! I hope it is sooner than later.😒😒
  4. Bluestreek

    Remembering Tim, Twowheelnut

    Seems like it was just yesterday
  5. Bluestreek

    NAFO 2021 Dinner

    Paid: 1 chicken and 1 sirloin. 😋😋
  6. Bluestreek

    2022 CFR Nakusp

    Even though it rained a bunch at the last one we still had a great time. 🙂☺️
  7. Bluestreek

    Yosemite FJR Owners (YFO) Gathering - Sept. 2-5, 2021

    Looks like we will be in the Seattle area that weekend😒😒
  8. Bluestreek

    Reuben Run 10 shirts and food

    I like cold hot dogs😊
  9. Bluestreek

    Reuben Run 10 shirts and food

    One Prime Rib and One Chicken please
  10. Bluestreek

    Reuben Run #10

    Thanks Ray
  11. Bluestreek

    Reuben Run #10

    Was at the first, thought I might make the last, Is there a secrete password for booking a room?
  12. Bluestreek

    NAFO -2021 Glenwood Springs CO August 26-28, 2021

    Bluestreek's are in.😀🥰
  13. Bluestreek

    Anybody Tried This Stuff? ("Bondic")

    Maybe it only works on broke dic's
  14. Bluestreek

    2005 FJR Question

    If its an abs bike make sure its working.  I put almost 100000 miles on mine. I still had the same cct and valve guides that came from the factory.  The bike ran just as strong as the day I got it.
  15. Bluestreek

    Autocom Stuff

    I have two units and a large drawer full of parts also.  
  16. Bluestreek


    Our 1993 Kenmore (made by GE)side by side with ice maker has not had one problem since it was installed. I also have a Kenmore freezer in the Garage that was new in 1988 with no issues. Now I probably jinxed everything.
  17. Bluestreek

    Toecutter hit and run - in rehab

    Did my first saddle sore with Bob many years ago. Get well soon.
  18. Bluestreek

    YFO 2019 - Sept. 12-14

    Come on back and I will let you fly the drone. Even a cave man could fly it.
  19. Bluestreek

    Toast to Tim TwoWheelNut

    I may even start a little early. AAAAAAA OK I already started.
  20. Bluestreek

    YFO 2019 - Sept. 12-14

    Bluestreeks are in across the road at the Willow Springs notell motel. I think they still have a few rooms left.