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  1. sparky80

    RIP Earl Hayden

    He was the only Hayden that I liked. Talked to him a few times and seemed like a very nice and humble guy. He shoulda taught his boys not to whine or complain as often....
  2. sparky80

    2018 Matt Blue Paint Code

    Code Paint Name Comment Color Chip ColorRite Top ColorRite Base 1595 Matte Dark Purplish Blue Metallic 1 5218
  3. sparky80

    New horse in the stable.

    51 for sale on CycleTrader and saw two at a Yamaha dealership in Dallas when I was through there a few months ago. But good on ya for getting one.
  4. sparky80

    New horse in the stable.

    DId Yamaha quit making these? What qualifies this bike as a unicorn?
  5. sparky80

    Twisted Sisters

    ok, lets do it. nice and slow for me though...
  6. sparky80

    FJRF013 - Transmission Recall for Second Gear (DE, UK, CA, & US) (2016-2020)

    Yep, my thoughts exactly. The first recall didn't come out til last year sometime and I didn't hear of hundreds or even 5 people complain that their 6 speed FJR was having issues. Now all of a sudden they're all doomed to fail? MANY guys have run these bikes at IBR's with no issues at all...
  7. sparky80

    HeliBars Installation experience

    My goodness..... congrats on resurrecting an 11 year old thread!!
  8. sparky80

    FJR Model Comparison Matrix

    From Yamaha... Directly from their catalog, I looked up the front fender for the 2007 FJR. it lists it as FENDER, FRONT | VDRM2. The last part is the color... Very Dark Red Metallic 2. I guess more than anything it's just a pet peeve of mine that people (not you) will call whatever color...
  9. sparky80

    FJR Model Comparison Matrix

    Can you label the colors as Yamaha has them? For instance, the 2007 is Very Dark Red Metallic #2, not black cherry. Those two words are never found in any Yamaha literature for that color. The 2008, 2009 and 2017 are all the same black metallic X, but even the spreadsheet has them listed as...
  10. sparky80

    Off the FJ09 and back on the 05 FJR

    wow, where do you people go??
  11. sparky80

    2022 Yamaha FJR

    The 2022 bike looks identical to the 2016 ES bike. Yamaha actually used the 2016 pics for the 22 model.
  12. sparky80

    Motorcycle For Sale 2016 FJR1300ES -Off market

    will ya sell the motorcycle larry triple clamp separately?
  13. sparky80

    Wanted: Crown, Handle (top fork clamp) Gen2

    Unfortunately, this forum doesn't support direct picture uploads and I'm not much of a blogger/picture taker.   I will say though that it took 54 OEM Yamaha pieces to put it all together and took about a month to get them all delivered.   Price... don't ask.   BUT... now I have the year and...
  14. sparky80

    Wanted: Crown, Handle (top fork clamp) Gen2

    I have the top and bottom from my 2016 that should fit.  Same basic part number but a 10-00 at the end.   Swapped out mine for ES upper and lowers.   Comes with all the bearings and even has a hole on bottom of triple for a bike stand. 
  15. sparky80

    Manual Cruise-Control Needed 06 FJR

    I have a Kaoko throttle lock on my '06 and works as a lock like i want it to.  Works very well, barely notice its there and good fitment.  It's for sale too as I have my '06 for sale too.... dont need a throttle lock on my '16 with cruise.
  16. sparky80

    WTB Muzzy 4 into 1

    see if you can get the entire bike.  seems to be a bit of goodies on it.   BTW... he's a junkyard wrecker dude.... was a complete jerk to me when i messaged him.  good luck!
  17. sparky80

    Bleeding Yamaha Blue

    wouldn't say you're bleeding Yamaha blue when the '08 bike is black.  🤣