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  1. twistedcricket

    Many many (s)miles on my 07A

  2. twistedcricket

    New In box! Foot peg holder thingies

    I don't remember why I bought these, but I hope someone else can use them.  Kurkadfoiweuo brand.  Pics in the link below because gphotos is a PITA to get an individual image link from these days. Free to a good home, please pay shipping. Photosssss
  3. twistedcricket

    SOLD GenII Mirrors - Black Cherry

    I don't remember when I changed over to the R1 mirrors to see around my wide body, but if someone wants to put OEM mirrors back on theirs before selling, or would like a second pair, I'm offering mine up.  Just pay shipping please. I'm attempting to attach photographs, but in the meantime here...
  4. twistedcricket

    Anyone in Maine?

    A buddy of mine (worldbound4now) and I are heading up to Maine the last week of July for a canoe trip along the Allagash. Unfortunately neither of us will ride the FJRs there :( However, I'm wondering if someone near/around Portland or Bangor might have some bits we could borrow so that we...
  5. twistedcricket

    Another year, another CA trip planning

    I know, I'm not here much these days, but I did make NAFO last year (what a great area!). That was 4 weeks after I rode out to CA (SF Bay area) for a work trip. Now I have another CA trip. This time to LAX....or laxative....something. Route planning begins! I've never been through NM or AZ...
  6. twistedcricket

    Help Figure out what I need to replace

    I made a trip from Omaha to Oakland yesterday/today (Jun 25/26) to attend a week-long IT Conference. I took two days to traverse NE, WY, UT, NV and CA. The issue; brakes started steaming and it seemed like I lost power or the FJR went into a Limp Mode while at highway speed. Up to that point...
  7. twistedcricket

    the cricket goes to CA

    I'm heading to CA (Oakland/Bay Area) from the omahell area in a week. The trek starts June 25th in the early morning hours (2am departure) to avoid the heat I anticipate along the route. Yes, slabbing it. Not being much of a tourist on the route out there or back. One stop in WY along the...
  8. twistedcricket

    Sidi Adventure Boots, Size 7

    I screwed up and ordered the wrong size. I purchased them from FC.Moto in Germany and while shipping to the states was reasonable, shipping back to Germany is not! Selling for well under what you'll find on RevZilla. Thanks for looking! Edit: Size...
  9. twistedcricket

    NAFO - Trip Plans

    Starting a separate thread for folks to list their routes to/from NAFO so that others along the way may tag along. If you're forced to ride slab through Nebrasuck hit me up! I'm planning to leave early Thursday morning but can adjust if someone or a group may be passing through.
  10. twistedcricket

    "Drag Chute" Tail Box

    Clever marketing will get people every time. No, I really didn't install a proper drag chute, but I did the next best thing. I added more storage. The inspiration came from THIS thread. Brodie has some great pictures up and a good description. I'm more of a visual learner so when I did this...
  11. twistedcricket

    Gen II Factory Seats & Used saddlebags

    I've had this stuff in my garage for a while and it's time for it to find a good home. The seats are the originals from my 2007. The pillion seat's cover was removed and put back during an attempt to test an idea that didn't pan out. Would still work for a pillion seat, but it's cover is not...
  12. twistedcricket

    Garmin 2610

    I've had this refurbished 2610 sitting on a shelf for a couple of years. I know it's not the newest and it won't have maps newer than 2009, but I can't bring myself to throw it in with the electronics recycling. It can still get you to major waypoints, although if something has closed or...
  13. twistedcricket

    Nelson Rigg Magnetic Tank bag

    I have a tank bag that I've rarely used and it's time I should sell it. I can't think of the model number, but it's a good size (maybe the size of the genuine Yamaha tankbag?). It's expandable (gets taller), has two side pockets, and a pass-thru for headphones or other similarly small wires...
  14. twistedcricket

    anyone near Garfield, NJ?

    a friend is looking at a particular car at a dealership in NJ. would anyone on the forum be willing to go get a closer look at it and report back? PM me if you're able/willing and I'll send my contact info Thanks!
  15. twistedcricket

    SFO '12 Routes

    I skipped out last year and I have routes from the previous years (starting/ending in Eureka Springs). Has anyone added any fun routes or has anyone taken the time to re-do the routes using Harrison or Marble Falls (the Hub) as the new start/end point? I have a new GPS, and new...
  16. twistedcricket

    Garauld Rack & Backrest

    **** SOLD IT ALL *** I'm selling a solid Garauld rack with backrest (and hardware). It's (obviously) painted to match the 07 Black Cherry. I'm sure Garauld would be able to re-paint it for you to match whatever you want. I had the extra "holes" added and I think it holds a tail pack really...
  17. twistedcricket

    Nebrasuck to Louisville, KY

    I have a friend who moved to Kentucky and said "you NEED to ride out here"... not that I require an invitation to head east for some good roads, but it's better than the restraining orders one might accumulate showing up and peeping in windows. So I've heard... So, I need a boat, route out of...
  18. twistedcricket

    Noticed another FJR and an FJ at the PGR ride today

    I rode the only Gen II. You were just ahead of an FJ. Thanks for riding with the PGR today!
  19. twistedcricket

    so, I was trying to put this in the budget

    I kept track of my fuel purchases last year. The whole year. I wanted to figure out what I'll be spending for fuel on the trip. We already know the meals and hotel. Booze is another expense, but I'll worry about that later. What really surprised me when I opened the spreadsheet was the...
  20. twistedcricket

    omaha sightings

    Blue, but I didn't see if you're riding an 06 or an 05. I'm on the 07 with the day-glo yellow vest. ride safe