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  1. RossKean

    Feel old? - Kenny Roberts Birthday
  2. RossKean

    James Webb Space Telescope

    Way off topic, but... Anybody watching this stuff? Christmas Day launch. Will be halfway (distance) to its new home by this evening (6.5 days) but the full journey to the Lagrange L2 point at around 1.5 million km (~1 million miles) takes around 29 days (JWST is currently almost double the...
  3. RossKean

    Tech Links and Model Comparison Matrix

    Are these somewhere? I'm not seeing them...
  4. RossKean

    2022 Yamaha FJR

    It is being sold for at least one more year. Cobalt blue in the USA and "Anniversary Edition" black with gold rims and emblems in Canada. Modest price increase...
  5. RossKean

    So, What's going on???

    New forum software, new Admins? Work in progress??? Might have been nice to have some sort of announcement (or warning). I can live with it, I suppose, but how do you get a list of unread posts? It gives an option of installing the "mobile app" Anyone done this? Seems to be better on...
  6. RossKean

    "Rank" and "Badges"??

    New feature??? Just saw these when looking at profiles...
  7. RossKean

    Valve Check Problem!

    This isn't the first valve check and adjustment I have done although it is the first I have done on my 2011.  Never had any problems in the past with my '07. About 130,000 km on the bike (81,000 miles).  Last check was done by previous owner at ~26,000 miles. All exhaust valves were OK.  Most...
  8. RossKean

    Spotwalla Change?

    I just logged into Spotwalla and got the following banner at the top of the page: " Please Read This There's a new SpotWalla website and this site has a limited lifetime. If you're a SpotWalla user, create an account at New After logging in you will be able to import your...
  9. RossKean

    Split: Off-topic about valve check

    Valve check with the engine out of the frame would be REALLY easy!! Clean up the throttle bodies at the same time.
  10. RossKean

    Maine - Nova Scotia Ferry

    Canceled for the 2021 season.  Comes as no surprise with continuing travel restrictions into Nova Scotia.  It seems unlikely to me that reasonably free travel across the Canadian border from the US will be restored before August or September - possibly longer if the vaccine rollout continues to...
  11. RossKean

    PM Changes?

    I noticed some changes in the PM function - or maybe I am mis-remembering how it used to work? Seems I can no longer do a "preview" before posting.  Also, I believe you used to be able to edit the PM as long as the recipient had not read it yet.  (I just tried and could not.) Neither is a big...
  12. RossKean

    FJRF014 - Brake Light Switch (CA, UK, & US) (2013-2020)

    Brake light switch recall.!37042!36021!37815!2032&mkName=YAMAHA&md=FJR1300&fy=0&ty=9999&ft=&ls=0&sy=0&syName=All Systems&all=0&rn=2020572&cf=SearchResult&pg=0
  13. RossKean

    Forums Page

    This has been bugging me since the last major upgrade - maybe I'm the only one.  If so, please ignore... The "topics" box lists the most recent posts (good) but instead of when the thread was started and the person that started the thread (sometimes years ago), I would prefer to see when the...
  14. RossKean

    Moisture in front signal

    Has anyone had issues with this?  Doesn't happen when washing but often appears after a ride in the rain.  Only on the right side.  I expect that it will corrode the contacts eventually.  Have not taken it apart yet.  Dries out after a few days.
  15. RossKean

    COVID Camping

    My usual riding season includes at least a few excursions into New England for riding and camping - NH, VT, ME and upstate NY.  Obviously, not happening this year with international borders closed.  Effectively, many of the Canadian interprovincial borders are also closed so I can't even ride...
  16. RossKean

    Lifting an FJR by crane

    Seems like an odd question but this has to do with taking a motorcycle as cargo on a Newfoundland coastal ferry.  The province maintains a low cost ferry service to remote towns along the coast.  Some routes handle autos but others are just passenger and freight.  Motorcycle can be loaded as...
  17. RossKean

    Orange Threadlocker?

    Is this a solution in search of a problem?  Or will it be the new "right way" to do things? (I sometimes wonder if the blue is enough)  I don't think I would use it on small fasteners but might be better for a high vibration environment...
  18. RossKean

    2012 Tenere

    I have been thinking about some sort of "Adventure" bike for the roads less traveled.  I have been considering something like a 650 Vstrom - decent price for a new one reasonably equipped with hard aluminum bags, crash bars, skid plate etc.  For a little less money, I came across a 2012 Tenere...
  19. RossKean

    Fork Seals - AK20 forks

    I have a leak in my left fork.  Bike has Traxxion setup with AK20 fork cartridges.  I will certainly start with trying a Sealmate but if that doesn't fix it, has anyone done seals and bushings on this configuration?  I know Traxxion does not use the middle bushing.  Any other differences...
  20. RossKean

    Comparison Matrix Link

    Link in External Tech Links to the FJR Comparison Matrix returns a "Nothing to see here" error.