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  1. carlson_mn

    Sena handlebar remote, New. $50

    Like new just don't need it, it works nice but won't work with my left grip setup due to custom grips and other accessories.... $100 new... looking for $50 + the ride.
  2. carlson_mn

    MN / WI Ride 10/23

    Weather looks good and I'm going to get out for a ride this Sunday, Oct 23. Leaving Prescott, WI freedom gas station at 830am - would enjoy any company that wants to join. Will be looking for as many twisty alphabet roads as I can schedule in while getting home in time to watch the 2nd half of...
  3. carlson_mn

    2014 in Bloomington MN

    Was just walking around my block and saw it parked in the garage 2 blocks from where I live. Near 98th and Normandale highlands. Howdy
  4. carlson_mn

    OEM header - Gen 1/2 maybe 3?

    I have an OEM header from my 2004. In good shape just usual weathering. Cats are intact. If someone wants a project to work on or to go with no cats, you can experiment with this one. Or if you have Holeshot header and want to get back to a stock unit with the crossover pipe, this migh tbe...
  5. carlson_mn

    2008 2009 left side mirror

    This is the clutch side mirror. It has some light scuffing from a stationary tip over onto gravel from the previous owner. I haven't tried buffing it but it is mostly just clear coat. I run FZ1 mirrors and don't have a need for this. $40 shipped or make an offer!
  6. carlson_mn

    Headlight guards for Gen1 $25 (sold)

    Hey guys I have the clear headlight guards that were made for the Gen1. I forget who made them but they are high quality, I think they were made by Cal-Sci or one of the major windshield manufacturers. I have pics I'll add later, but they're in good shape and already have 4 velcro circles...
  7. carlson_mn

    Gen2 Seats (sold)

    These are my stock seats in great condition. I had the front re-worked by 'Spencer Seat' mods. It has the upgraded 'supracore' open cell foam or whatever he uses. In general the shape is about the same as stock but it is an improvement. Right now I am asking $200 shipped for the seats. SOLD
  8. carlson_mn

    2008 OEM rear shock, low mileage take-off

    Well, this has been sitting on a shelf inside my basement for a few years now so I might as well sell it. Came off the bike with 20k miles. Bike had only been ridden one up by a light weight. No leaks, basically perfect shape. Maybe it's worth $200 plus the ride... I dunno? Certainly make...
  9. carlson_mn

    FJR off road excursion

    Well not especially proud to share this but it is entertaining. It's my first time leaving the road ever actually in about 90k miles, not that I haven't made mistakes and gone a bit wide before. I had been leading this ride and said I'd get some video footage of the guys with me on a CBR1000RR...
  10. carlson_mn

    SW Wisconsin shots

    Got to try out my new camera for first time today. Buddies took some shots of me and FJR and I got some shots of them showing me how it's done. Thanks
  11. carlson_mn

    Opened up modded airbox from a 2008 - open on both sides of filter

    As has been discussed many times around here... call it what you will many forum members have done this. I decided to stick with the original design to keep it quiet and I never messed with fueling, if you have a power commander that would be ideal. IF you don't like it you still have your OEM...
  12. carlson_mn

    Ex-Connies looking to work on their FJR's.... Minnesota

    Okay since the forum won't let me do a group PM I'll just paste my PM into another thread here.... Hey dudes, Mike mentioned you guys were talking of getting together to hang out and do a couple valve checks/adjusts. I'm deployed to DC area until the end of January so I won't be around to do...
  13. carlson_mn

    How to send a PM to multiple people

    I've tried a lot of different ways to seperate user names but it only seems to want to accept one? What am I doing wrong? thanks!
  14. carlson_mn

    Pics from my trip to Black Hills

    Just sharing a few, was out there with a co-worker and another local rider. Got beat to hell on the way home taking the 'scenic route' instead of I-90 and battling a headwind. Otherwise it was awesome out there, my third time out there on the bike. Badland detour on way out Bike on...
  15. carlson_mn

    Video of a Missouri Ride

    Spent most of this trip in Arkansas but took a ferry up and rode some of MO too. Some fun winding roads there
  16. carlson_mn

    Rider Magazine 2012 Review

    So in the same magazine they introduce the 2013, in the days just before going to print they acknowledge, but then they have a nice review of the 2012 FJR. Some things I noticed. - Bike makes over 10ftlbs more tq on their same dyno than the Triumph Trophy in the same magazine. 7 more hp. -...
  17. carlson_mn

    2008 Dyno Pull

    Saw many other bikes doing pulls and all seemed pretty spot on with what I have seen in magazines. My numbers seem typical but I may be sporting a few extra ponies than the average that I have seen. The third pull is the one that is down a couple hp, probably a little heat soak. I always...
  18. carlson_mn

    Minnesotan in Texas

    I'll be on a TDY at Fort Sam Houston and will be riding my FJR down there. My plan is to ride the hill country the weekend of 16-17. Anyone want to do a group ride or give me some pointers or a route of the good roads in that area? I met a couple of FJR owners from Houston in Arkansas this...
  19. carlson_mn

    2008 in MN "Custom Paint" For your enjoyment.
  20. carlson_mn

    5.25" Ram Mount Arm

    Pretty standard, the more expensive black aluminum model. Gets your GPS up and over your tank bag if needed. I have a 3" model that did the job fine so I'm sticking with that one, so this is basically new. $15 shipped