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  1. Proteus1952

    Goodbye 1993 Gold Wing GL1500A - Hello 2014 FJR1300A - Sweeeeeeet!

    Wow! You really found a gem. I thought I got lucky when I bought my 2010 model when it was three years old with just under 3k miles. Wish you many miles and years of enjoyment.
  2. Proteus1952

    Good Morning and New Software!

    I'm excited to see that the forum is staying up to date technically. Looking forward to seeing an increase in posts that include a few great pics. I never did get into posting pics in the past.
  3. Proteus1952

    A few changes, and it's a whole new ride.

    Way to go Mack.  I'll keep this post in mind for some possible future mods to my ride.  Especially the exhaust cans.  Thanks!
  4. Proteus1952

    End of an ERA

    Turning 69 myself in less than a week.  I know the same decision is facing me in the near future.  You've made an excellent choice of bikes.  I test rode an MT-09 a couple of years ago.  It felt great and I felt it, or something similar like your choice would be a great alternative to the FJR. ...
  5. Proteus1952

    Genuine Yamaha Brake Pads

    I replaced front and rear last April at 33k and insisted on OEM.  All seems well so far.  There was a very short period of occasional squeal with slow stops with light pressure but that seems to have vanished.  I recall getting a bit of an odd look from the service tech when I requested the OEM...
  6. Proteus1952

    A Sunday In September

    Great stuff to see on the forum.  Love it!  Safe travels.  I gotta go look for my hacksaw.
  7. Proteus1952

    Getting another FJR

    Hell yes, it's worth the risk.  These bikes are superlative in all aspects.  I've had no regrets since acquiring my 2010 model when it was three years old with just under 3K miles on it.  Sounds like you found a garage queen that looks pretty damn sharp in the photo.  Go for it!!!   Best of luck...
  8. Proteus1952

    Safety Mirror

    While watching a Reddit video clip by a British Motorcycle Safety Instructor, I noticed something odd in front of him attached to his windscreen.  On closer examination, it appeared to be a type of convex mirror that seemed to give the rider a 180 degree view to his right and left.  One google...
  9. Proteus1952

    Saddle Bag Crash Bars for 2005 Gen 1, FJR

    I installed the Russian bars also, about a month ago after a very slippery oops moment at a low water crossing.  They seem well made and solid.  Good luck with them.  I'll be sure to let the forum know if they get a work out.
  10. Proteus1952

    New Guy

    Greetings to the Club!  You and Revider  make me feel like a pup at just 67.  I hope you enjoy the forum.  It contains a ton of expert advice on maintaining these two wheel hot rods.  Traffic around the DFW area probably sucks just as much as the Long Island area.  I've owned my 2010 model for 6...
  11. Proteus1952

    Forum Is Migrated, Mostly Updated, a Few Things Left to Refine

    Dang, sounds like someone's been doing a bunch of heavy lifting to keep this forum afloat.  Much appreciated.  Kudos.
  12. Proteus1952

    New forum member from SE Texas

    Welcome to the asylum.  It's a superb machine. Best wishes.
  13. Proteus1952

    Cracked Fairing Panel After Service Visit

    My heart goes out to you. Great response from the dealer. Hope the slacker mechanic responsible for the very sloppy work got canned. I fix/maintain everything I can and roll the dice on some things. One example is the call to replace the brake lines at a certain point. I have flushed/bled...
  14. Proteus1952

    Stuck on the Road

    I have yet to fully understand batteries in both cars and bikes. I have been stranded more than once by a battery that seemed just peachy one minute and dead as a doornail the next. I replace my bike battery every four years with the best one I can find. The AGM models seem to work the best...
  15. Proteus1952

    Tank bra for a Gen II

    Thanks! Look's like a great solution for a variety of minor blemish issues. As in coverup for my latest oops moment.
  16. Proteus1952

    Spider bite on a 2012

    RossKean - Are you referring to "cut and solder" when you mention "hard" contacts???
  17. Proteus1952

    Spider bite on a 2012

    Thanks for the afteraction report. Glad to hear things seem to have worked out well with a harness replacement by a dealer. General opinion here seems to be that can be a risky option. Any others here have a good outcome with harness replacement by a dealer? Do you plan to perform annual...
  18. Proteus1952

    Police model FJR spotted at Daytona Bike Week

    Great job! A completely white bike is like a blank artists canvas, just waiting for someones imagination to run wild. Production of this bike also indicates that Yamaha is still strongly supportive of the model and is looking to expand sales. I kinda like the minimalist top box design.
  19. Proteus1952

    Information please: FJR Police Edition?

    The below info is straight from Wikipedia. Police models[edit]In Ireland and the UK, the FJR1300 has replaced the Honda ST1300 Pan-European as the patrol motorcycle with several police forces, following that model's withdrawal due to concerns over high speed handling. The FJR is the patrol...
  20. Proteus1952

    March Ramblin'

    With a slight deviation to Plan A you will reap major scenic benefit. After Van Horn, TX get on I10 for a short ways to then head south to Fort Davis on route 118. It will take you right by McDonald Observatory and thru Davis Mountains State Park. Much better views and interesting roads. Fort...