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  1. Fred W

    I’m still around too!

    Looks like the new software wants me to confirm my existence. Yes, I am still here. Perhaps to the consternation of some. Still have my 2014 FJR ES. Still the best bike that I’ve ever owned. Yet. I did finally participate in the sale of my beloved ‘05 Bass Bote Blue Beauty, that was...
  2. Fred W

    3rd Gen Idle speed problems

    In the past few months I’ve been experiencing two possibly related idle speed problems.    The first one has been going on longer, which is why they may not be related.  When I cold start the bike it often fires one or two cylinders when you would expect, and then stalls out.  I’ve learned to...
  3. Fred W

    HJC DS-X1 Lander Helmet Large

    I know there are some dual sporters on this forum, so I figured I'd offer up a good deal on a decent DS helmet.  It's an HJC, so you know it is of decent quality, but it isn't quite up to the standards (or expense) like a Shoei or Arai.  Nearly new. Size is Large. Fit is pretty normal. Shape is...
  4. Fred W

    Mobil 1 Rebate thru Sept. 30th

    Details here Oops, just noticed you have to buy from "participating dealers", which Walmart is not listed as.  Still may be of value to someone.
  5. Fred W

    2019 Covered Bridges of New Hampshire Tour - Oct 5th

    Hey... You NERDS!! (New England Riders Doing Stuff) We have not run this little day ride for a really long time now, last time was way back in 2014!   So, what with the resuscitation of the FJRforum and all, I thought that it is nigh time to do it again this year. For those not familiar...
  6. Fred W

    2005 FJR1300 ABS well farkled -Withdrawn from Sale

    Son changed his mind and will keep it. Here's your chance to buy a copy of the 2019 Iron Butt Rally winning 2005 FJR1300 model. My son has decided that he just doesn't ride my old FJR all that much (especially now that he has my old Vstrom and lives on a dirt road in Vermont) and wants me to...
  7. Fred W

    HVMP Bar Ends and garauld Aux Light Brackets

    I've got a set of 1 lb (16 oz ea.) HVMP Bar Ends that fit most Yamahas including FJRs. These are the stainless ones. Used, but in good cosmetic condition with no big scratches. I had these mounted on my 1st Gen once upon a time. Easy peasy to install. Just unscrew the old and screw on the...
  8. Fred W

    Riding a motorcycle is highly risky, right?

    At least that is the conventional wisdom. Those crazy motorcyclists are putting themselves in harms way just for a few thrills. Thats what people tell you. My Mom has always felt that way, even to this day. At one of my past annual physicals I was asked: Do you participate in any high risk...
  9. Fred W

    Fresh Pavement Alert

    I know it doesnt mean much in other parts of the continent. But fresh asphalt is reason to celebrate in the far northeast, land of the frost heaves. I happened to find some freshie on route 26 in Maine from Upton down all the way to Bethel through Grafton Notch. Its a good ride on bad...
  10. Fred W

    Nearly new 2008 AE in NH $5800

    Not mine. Just noticed it on Crags list and know there are some folks who love these auto clutch bikes. Seems like a good price for such low miles.
  11. Fred W

    Wire Feed Welders

    Need some advice from folks that have been down this path already. As you will read, I know very little about welders, but want to learn. I see those cheap ($100) AC-only Flux Core wire feed welders around (Harbor Freight and the big box stores), and after viewing videos online people appear...
  12. Fred W

    Kudos to Twisted Throttle

    Ive done some business with them on occasion in the past, so naturally I get their spammy email promotionals. This week they sent one saying that they do not participate in the greedy idiocy that has been passed off as Black Friday, and to that I say: Thank you. The Thanksgiving holiday has...
  13. Fred W

    Spin off Poll - What Generation are 2016 & 2017's

    Same basic question as the concurrently running poll but asked slightly differently.
  14. Fred W

    Final Day for Mobil1 rebate 2017

    What the title says. $12 rebate from Mobil on 5 quarts of Mobil1 oil. My favorite 15w50 is rollback priced at Walmart for $22.88 per 5 quart bottle, makes it 10.88 each (2.18 / quart) after the rebate. Limit of two rebates per household. Ends today May 31st. Just scored two jugs this morning.
  15. Fred W

    3rd Gen ES Suspension Problems Poll

    So, here we are, three years since the release of the 3rd Gen FJR with Electronic Suspension (ES). I can't recall hearing a single report of anyone having a problem with it. This seems rather strange considering the electro-mechanical complexity of the system. The ES has its own dedicated...
  16. Fred W

    nuviz - Motorcycle Helmet Heads Up Display

    Haven't seen much about this yet, except some pre-release hype from the company, and a few announcements in bike rags. It looks like it will be an all in one unit that does navigation, bluetooth comms, and HUD of pertinent parameters. This could be really interesting if they can keep the price...
  17. Fred W

    Traffic Camera Locations Across America

    Stumbled onto this web site and thought that it was interesting enough to share. It shows the location of 4,150 Traffic Enforcement Cameras all across North America. While this may not be a comprehensive list of every Red Light or Speed Camera out there, it does show what locations make it a...
  18. Fred W

    Un-Linking Front Brakes on 2nd Gens (and later)

    This thread was split off of a troubleshooting discussion about soft rear brake situation on a second Gen FJR. It was posed in that thread that the FJR linked braking system may not be all that desirable t some riders, but nobody has yet described exactly what technical problems would need to...
  19. Fred W

    Get Your National Parks Geezer Pass Now!

    ...if you can. I still have to wait another 2 years to qualify, so I guess I'll be paying the higher fee. Maybe one could just pay $20 a year for 4 years?
  20. Fred W

    Gear Whore's Early Spring Closet Cleanout

    Time to clear some space in my gear closet, just in time for the riding season ahead. All prices below are plus actual shipping. Paypal preferred. Tour Master Solutions Waterproof Touring Boots. Size 11 These have been well used, but still have plenty of life left in them. Still...