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  1. smithe68

    Yamaha XT Bikes

    Years ago I had an '84 XT600, really miss that bike. Recently, I started looking for a bigger dual purpose bike for running errands, a little bit of offroad riding, camping off the bike, etc. and was surprised to see a lack of that 600cc class bike from Yamaha. The other 3 Japanese companies...
  2. smithe68

    Spokane Area FJR Riders

    I have seen quite a few FJR's out this year in the area, including a couple on Fairchild besides mine. Just saying....
  3. smithe68

    Poor fuel economy with base gas?

    Anyone else ever experience truly poor fuel economy after filling up on a military base? My last tank netted me 30mpg, that's a lot lower than normal, actually lower than anything I have ever had with this bike. This happened to me years ago with my 2000 Concours, which I was able to reproduce...
  4. smithe68

    Riding pants for a tall skinny guy?

    I know they exist, I tried on a couple pair of mesh pants today that were long enough while off the bike The problem was, the crotch in them is so baggy that when I sat on my bike, the pants legs got pulled up so high they were useless. Currently I just wear regular jeans, because I can get...
  5. smithe68

    Recommend an inexpensive slip on exhaust

    Got my '07 FJR 2 years ago, haven't had as much time as I would like to ride it until lately, only put about 2000 miles on it. Now that I have a lot more time, I am noticing I don't like what is on there now. The previous owner did something to the stock exhaust, cut out part of the back I...
  6. smithe68

    Anyone in Spokane been riding?

    I have seen a fair number of bikes out in general the past few days. I was all set to ride today, went out to the garage and noticed right away that I had not connected my battery tender! Don't think I have ever done that before.
  7. smithe68

    First Ride since July

    Been gone all Summer for work, fractured a bone in my foot, been slow for my first year of ownership. Was brisk at 530 this morning, but this afternoon should be just right!
  8. smithe68

    First "long" ride on my FJR

    Heading to Idaho Falls, ID tomorrow for a week of training. Had the option of driving, and I took it, especially with work paying $491 for gas for a 1020 mile round trip! I will be pocketing some cash there! Should be a good time, I am excited to get some real miles in.
  9. smithe68

    Spotted a SIlver FJR with trunk parked in downtown Spokane today

    Can't remember the street, but it was only a block or two from River Front Park. Don't see any around here normally. Should have taken a picture to prove it happened.
  10. smithe68

    This stuff needs to go into motorcycle gear, G-Form

    No I don't have any affiliation, we were just talking about body armor, military applications, at work today and one of the guys brought up this stuff.
  11. smithe68

    Any Spokane Area Riders?

    Just looking for any other Spokane riders that get together for whatever, rides, tall tales, etc.
  12. smithe68

    Didn't think I was going to ever get to ride my new bike!

    Bought it on Tuesday and it's been raining, windy and miserable ever since. Finally late yesterday there was a break in the weather and I got to put on about 50 miles. All I can say is, what a great bike, I don't think I could have made a better choice in getting back to riding a sport touring...