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    New to me ST or new FJR?

    BTW, no idea why the link text is all chinese??? strange.........
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    New to me ST or new FJR?

    Hi there whereisbobl............ I've had two different gen FJRs and have loved them both. My current though is up for sale if you have an interest in a very good, clean, low mileage 2016 A model, complete with plenty of farkles. It's still listed up on Facebook if you'd like to take a gander...
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    Motorcycle For Sale SOLD - 2016 FJR 1300A - Ready to Go, Better than New - South Central PA 17350

    Greetings fellow FJR riders............ well the time has come to part with my 2016 FJR 1300A.  What a fantastic bike but it no longer is what I need.  Thus, off to a good new home.  As outfitted, asking $12,999 yet negotiable for fellow forum members.  This comes from the Cycle Trader ad that...
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    New PIAA Slimline Sports Horn

    Thanks Scotty........yea yesterday when I was looking over the situation up where the horns are I had to look twice to find the upper screws mentioned. Also, it wasn't clear just how and where the attachment point was for the existing horns. It seemed like is was directly behind the horn?#$#...
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    New PIAA Slimline Sports Horn

    Hey guys...........thanks for this awesome thread. I got my FJR back in the spring and swapping out the horns has been right up there at the top of the list! Of course, a few other farkles got added this summer :) The lack of plug n play options n having to do cutouts n such led me to...
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    wheatonFJR's Inaugural Appalacian FJR Camping Meet

    Hey Guys.............Mike here from up n MD. Newbie to the FJR here......Just getting my new ride in a week or so. Already MtnHigh aka Chris (ha, I remember one name) has me salivating for the May gig n NC. You can count me in! Who's bringing the beer? hahaha :yahoo: