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  1. VMaxChuck

    Going to the Dark Side

    It will fit just fine. Thought the same thing when comparing mine unmounted to the Gmax it replaced. This tire is sooooo good at 30ish psi, you won't believe it! Good luck and report back here after you put a few miles on it.
  2. VMaxChuck

    Going to the Dark Side

    The Rikken Raptor is the bomb.......WAY better turn in than the General G-Max I ran before it and holds the line with little countersteer needed.  Run mine at around 32psi and I am a very happy camper! 😎
  3. VMaxChuck

    WTB Gen 2, 3 or 4 rear wheel

    Email sent.......
  4. VMaxChuck

    Sad News

    Sorry to hear that Ray, I will keep both of you in my prayers. 🙏
  5. VMaxChuck

    WTB Gen 2, 3 or 4 rear wheel

    Got a silver 2009 back one for mine when I Darkside! Swap out in 15 minutes!! 😎 Might be for sale in a couple of years.......just having too much fun with it currently
  6. VMaxChuck

    Please delete

    Please delete
  7. VMaxChuck

    Getting the urge for a change

    Wow, interesting choice in bikes as I also have an FJR and a FZ-10. Love them both for different reasons. I would only have the FJR except my riding group ALL ride naked bikes (FZ-10, BMW S1000, and now a KTM Super Duke GT) and for riding the twisties of NC, Tn, Va and Ky the FZ-10 is superb! I...
  8. VMaxChuck

    Garmin Zumo 590 for sale...

    Sounds good to me....PM incoming!
  9. VMaxChuck

    Breakfast at Red Lodge

    Russell (room 206) Friday 1 breakfast sandwich Saturday 1 burrito Sunday 1 breakfast sandwich Thanks again John!
  10. VMaxChuck

    Breakfast at Red Lodge

    Chuck: Friday a burrito Saturday a burrito Sunday a burrito I'm a creature of habit! Thanks John 😎
  11. VMaxChuck

    Downsizing a Guzzi

    I think you made a good choice. A riding bud just sold his Triumph Thunderbird for one. He is excited about going from a 700+ lb bike to a sub 500 lb one. Enjoy the new ride! :scooter:
  12. VMaxChuck

    Rendezvous at Red Lodge 2020 June 25th - 28th, 2020 - It's a Wrap!

    RussRider and I are still planning to come......and really looking forward to it! :scooter:
  13. VMaxChuck

    Fly and Ride 17 FJR

    Thanks for sharing! It's too bad for me that the West Coast is so far away from Michigan..... :scooter:
  14. VMaxChuck

    COVID-19 Catch All

    WOW......I'm passing this one on for sure!😷 And THANKS for SHARING!! :scooter:
  15. VMaxChuck

    Rendezvous at Red Lodge 2020 June 25th - 28th, 2020 - It's a Wrap!

    GOD save us ALL! :scooter:   I've already cancelled a number of things I was looking forward to.....hopefully one more won't be added to the list! Thanks for keeping the troops updated Big John!! 👍
  16. VMaxChuck

    MCL Heat Shields

    Interested.....PM incoming!
  17. VMaxChuck

    Zerk Fitting mod- Relay arm

    Interested in the "pants" unit.....could you shoot me a couple more pics Thanks, Chuck
  18. VMaxChuck

    Front tire cupping, recommended tire pressure?

    I couldn't agree more! Put a new Bridgestone T30 Evo GT on the front of my 2016 and it was perfect......until I made multiple trips back and forth on the Dragon and other curvy Southern roads, I love to dive into the curves and brake HARD if necessary. Just got back to Michigan on the same front...
  19. VMaxChuck

    So, where is everybody going to be hanging out after 9/27?

    And glad the forum is back as well! I gathered a LOT of FJR information from this site over the years!! Many thanks, Chuck