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  1. steveoreno

    Are we witnessing the end of motorcycling?

    Here in Indy we have an event known as "Motorcycles On Meridian" which originally was part of and held in conjunction with the Indy MotoGP. Of course the race is no longer held for a multitude of reasons and imho Dorna's greed is mostly at fault for that along with scheduling conflicts but I...
  2. steveoreno

    Concourse oil problem caused by Harley Davidson Employees?

    I rode my 2013 to the 2013 Gettysburg bike rally and registration was at the local Harley dealership when we left I nearly was hit attempting to pull back into traffic. I then realized someone had "adjusted" my mirrors for me. I don't get the hatred aimed at we non - Harley riders from time to...
  3. steveoreno

    Irish Jokes in honor of Beemerdon's

    This is a favorite of Derek Daly, former F1 and Indycar driver (and Dad of Conor of Amazing Race fame), "How do you know if an Irishman is gay? He prefers women over beer."
  4. steveoreno

    Moonshine Lunch Run update

    That makes me and I am sure most other members of this forum incredibly sad. I am very sorry to hear of the Tuttle familie's situation and will be sure to attend the final MLR this year. On the plus side this will make it easier for me to pull the trigger and attend next year's MotoGP event in...
  5. steveoreno

    Irish Jokes in honor of Beemerdon's

    St. Patrick's Day rapidly approaches and I've seen no mention of it and feel it's only appropriate to start a string of Jokes of dubious origin aimed at honoring Beemerdons. I never had the honor of meeting him but we did share a few jokes back and forth. The Bagpiper (In his own words) As a...
  6. steveoreno

    It's Saturday Morning, Slackers!

    I was working all day today but the weather sucked anyway. I hope to get out and ride a bit tomorrow as I have a new RF-1200 that needs some breaking in.
  7. steveoreno

    2018 Motorcycle Road Racing Season Begins!

    I have to order the package from WSBK. I am hoping that Aprilia and Eugene Laverty can be much more competitive.
  8. steveoreno

    Queensland Ken - RIP

    Sorry to hear that, may he rest easy now.
  9. steveoreno

    Got any good ideas to paint helmet ?

    Lots of flaming skulls!! Oh sorry, wrong forum.
  10. steveoreno

    One piece riding suit

    Yeah, when you are built like the little teapot, (short & stout), one piece suits don't look so good on you. (Not that anything else does either.)
  11. steveoreno

    Cee Bailey Gone

    I think that was posted on the forum around a month or two ago. Sad news though.
  12. steveoreno

    EOM 2018 - Maggie Valley, NC - September 20-23, 2018

    We always have a conflict with the EOM because of the Indianapolis Irish Festival. I am going to work real hard to make it work out somehow this year.
  13. steveoreno


    That sucks Ray, Get well. I didn't get to ride much last summer because of some minor health issues hope that doesn't happen to you.
  14. steveoreno

    Which touring cruiser? Non-HD/BMW

    Kawasaki Vaqueros are nice bikes. I thought about getting one of those but didn't want to get out of the sport - touring "Lifestyle."
  15. steveoreno

    Goodbye, 2017. Brekkie and a Ride? Sacramento Area weenies?

    Happy New Year to all of you.
  16. steveoreno

    Merry Christmas to all you folks and your family's.

    Merry Christmas to all!
  17. steveoreno

    Feliz Navidad, Mele Kalikimaka etc, etc, etc

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  18. steveoreno

    The Altar Boy

    The Irish girls rake you over the coals and you get nothing in return...........
  19. steveoreno

    2018 Ride Planning - Who, Where, When and What

    SEO ramble now that I have the ticker in good order. We will be doing the Moonshine as always and will be heading to North Carolina to the mountains. Not sure what our exact plans are but we will be staying with our old friends at the Ironhorse Lodge.