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  1. rdrasher

    New home away from home

    Can't leave the FJR behind.....
  2. rdrasher

    2017 in Central Florida

  3. rdrasher

    Daytona 200 and TT postoned

    Daytona 200 postponed till Oct during Biketoberfest. TT rescheduled for a future date.
  4. rdrasher

    RAM power plate III

    Just installed a RAM power plate III today, It comes with 2 rare earth magnets that sit in the back of the plastic tray and a steel plate (with 3M adhesive one side).  You have to get a plate ball mount to attach at the bottom of the PP III and any other parts to attach the assembly to the...
  5. rdrasher

    Police model FJR spotted at Daytona Bike Week

    I spotted it parked behind the Yamaha demo fleet truck at the speedway. I snapped a couple quick pics since I wasn't sure that I was supposed to be back there or not.
  6. rdrasher

    Took the FJR offroading today......

    On the way home today.......... A truck with enclosed trailer (2 vehicles in front of me and same left lane) ran over a 4'x4' piece of foam insulation board. Kicking it up into the air about 6 feet and at about my 2 o'clock, like a boomerang it zeroed back in on me! My son (on his bike) was...
  7. rdrasher

    Anyone using or have experience with Alpinestars Valparaiso 2 riding gear?

    I just finished up my 1st long distance ride last week (2,000 miles over 5 days of riding). I quickly realized that my leather jacket, jeans and old rain suit weren't cutting it. Plus we got rained on everyday (anywhere from a few quick bursts to full on 10 hr. long non-stop down pours!). Does...
  8. rdrasher

    Zhiyun Z1 Rider 3 axis gimbal for GoPro

    Does anyone have any experience with gimbals? I'm looking for tips on using this thing. I just bought a 3-axis gimbal called a Rider Z1 by Zhiyun. It fits my GoPro and is supposed to be awesome for creating steady video shots. I'm looking to get some cool on bike video during my 6 state ride...
  9. rdrasher

    Pics of the new Givi V56NNT on my 2017

    I just mounted up my new top case today. Now I'm just waiting on the tail light kit to come in as it seems to have been shipped from a separate warehouse. I feel that it meshes well with the look and color of the bike. Even the faux carbon fiber top lid kind of looks similar to pattern on the...
  10. rdrasher

    2018 in the crate

    My daughter sent me a pic earlier today of a 2018 in her bay that she was about to uncrate and assemble for the showroom. Some one in central FL will be a happy owner soon.
  11. rdrasher

    Argentina GP

    If you saw the race Sunday, you'll understand the pic. 3 penalties in one race....... 1 ride through penalty due to reversing direction on starting grid to get back into position after stalling the bike 1 drop a position due to running into Espargaro 1 30 sec penalty due to running into...
  12. rdrasher

    2018 Yamaha FJR police version
  13. rdrasher

    1993 Yamaha GTS 1000 w/ extras in FL $3,500

    I've got my GTS1000 up for sale on ebay. My wife says it has to go since she got me the 17 FJR for my birthday! Fair enough since I really don't put many miles on it now that I have the FJR......
  14. rdrasher

    Just picked up my birthday surprise.....2017 ES!

    My wife & kids surprised me yesterday with a new 2017 ES as an early birthday present! Picked it up today and used the "new purchaser checklist" from the FAQ to make sure the dealer didn't forget to give everything I'm supposed to get with it. Disappointed to see the tool kit only comes with a...
  15. rdrasher

    Has any one bought from Capitol Cycle Co. ?

    Has any one bought from Capitol Cycle Co. in Macon, GA? I see they have listings for 2017 FJR1300 ES for $15,399 Has any one bought from these guys? Are they good to deal with? I'm 300 miles south of them in FL and willing to travel a bit for a good deal. Looking to buy my first FJR next...