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  1. art miller

    Parts For Sale Gen III stock Windscreen

    Like new Gen III stock windscreen. This screen is in like new condition, no scratches or nicks. I replaced the original screen with a touring screen when the bike was new. Asking $40 plus shipping. You can call or text Art 925-967-3738 for details. If you would like a pic send me an email and I...
  2. art miller

    Yamaha Saddle Bag Label

    My riding pal lost one of the saddle bag Yamaha labels.  He has a 2014 which are known to fall off.  I told him to re-glue them when he recently bought the bike. Now he is looking for a label.  Any of you happen to have a spare you are willing to sell him??  Thanks.   
  3. art miller

    Tail luggage Rack

    Need a tail rack not a top box plate for my 2014 FJR. I believe SW Motech was the band I had on my 2007. If anyone has one and would like to sell it please send me  a PM.  Thanks.  Art
  4. art miller

    California GenIII Charcoal Canister

    Have any of you California GenIII owners had your charcoal fuel canister replaced by the dealer when they did the break switch recall? If yes, is there a pig tail drain hose on the new canister that goes through the hole in the bottom of the fairing? I had my canister replaced but there is no...
  5. art miller

    Split off topic about gear changing

    This question is somewhat off topic but it is about transmission health. I rarely use the clutch to up shift. I simply roll off the throttle and snick it into the next higher gear. Is there any known negative effects from this practice?  
  6. art miller

    Best riding weather for ID, WY, and MT

    My riding pal and I are hoping to get out and ride up to Idaho and Wyoming and perhaps some of Montana this summer. For those of you who reside in those areas when is the best time to tour that area with minimal risk of rain?  I've done it in early September and do not recall ever having to deal...
  7. art miller

    COVID-19 Catch All

    Checking in to wish all fellow riders  and family a healthy status during the COVID-19 crisis. Stay safe out there!!
  8. art miller

    Frank Thomas Mesh Jacket $25

    Mens size Medium Frank Thomas mesh jacket with shoulder and elbow armor. Also back padding. Color; Blue with White and black panels.  jacket is in like new condition only worn several times as I have other mesh jackets. This was a gift from my Nephew. Asking $25 plus shipping. If  you would like...
  9. art miller


    Here's the story folks. I bought this smuggler with the intent of having it painted red as is my 2014. I have learned our forum paint guru Gary, is no longer painting items red. I found the local paint and body shops express little interest in painting a custom color on a small item for less...
  10. art miller

    Frank Thomas Mesh Mens Jacket (M)

    I have a mens size medium Frank Thomas mesh jacket which is a color combo of white-black-blue. It has CE elbow and shoulder armor. This jacket is in excellent condition. I only used it a couple times. Asking $25 plus shipping. If interested send me a PM with your email address and I will send...
  11. art miller

    Olympic Mens Touring Jacket Sizing

    I am looking at Olympic jackets and reading reviews seem to indicate the sizing tends to run large. I am 5'10" and weigh t48lbs. Sleeve length for shirts is 32" and waist 31". Do any of you road warriors have experience with the sizing of Olympic jackets compared to other brands. I wear a Medium...
  12. art miller

    Alpinestars Cape Town Air Drystar Jacket (NEW) $100

    This Hi-Viz Yellow Size M jacket was given to me as a birthday gift from my Nephew. It has never been worn as I have other jackets that I much prefer. The jacket has a full water proof zip out liner for cold weather. Asking $100.
  13. art miller

    Ride-On Experience

    For what it is worth, I recently discovered a wire (looks like a paper clip) clinging to my rear tire. When removing it I found it had the end embedded in the tire. After removing it I put some soapy solution on the tire to see if there was air leaking. Sure enough there was a puncture. i have...
  14. art miller

    Slipper Clutch Kits

    Does anyone know if there is a kit available that contains the parts needed to modify a Gen III 2014ES?
  15. art miller

    Canadian documents required

    Another rider and I are going to be riding up to British Columbia and Alberta in mid August. My riding bud seems to think we will need more than just a passport to enter Canada. We realize we will need a valid drivers license and registration and perhaps proof of insurance. Will our U.S. proof...
  16. art miller

    Michelin Road 5 vs Road 5 GT

    I'm in a back in forth with a riding friend over the use of the Road 5 vs Road 5 GT. I have been using PR 4's (non GT) for the past two sets. I have been getting 12K miles consistently and have had no issues. I ride one up only and am a moderately aggressive rider. I recently purchased a set of...
  17. art miller

    Michelin PR5

    Have any of you troopers purchased PR5's yet? If yes, how do you compare them to the 4's if you have had them? Best price I have seen to date is RevZilla $380 for set of 120/70-17 and 190/55-17.
  18. art miller

    PAIR Block-OFF Plates $40 - SOLD

    The block-off plates were used briefly on a 2014ES. They are like new and asking $40 plus shipping to lower 48 states. If you need shipping costs send me your zip code. Thanks.
  19. art miller

    FJR drought in japan

    Just returned from a two week trip to Japan and only saw two FJR's during that stay. None spotted in Tokyo, one in Shibuya, none in Minato, none in Takayama, none in Kyoto, none in Hiroshima, none in Nara, one in Kobe, and none in Osaka. I was very surprised to see so few motorcycles in a...
  20. art miller

    mixing PR2's and PR4's

    Have any of you tried Michelin PR2 front and PR4 on rear. I like the PR4 rear tire but the PR4 front seems to develop a strange wear pattern compared to PR2's I have used in the past. I never ride 2 up and I weight 145lbs. Short of getting caught in a thunder storm and no place to take shelter...