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  1. RaiderBill

    Still the BEST bike ever!

    It is also the best bike I have owned. But my zx14 has quit a bit more power, handles better and is very smooth, reliability?
  2. RaiderBill

    Hello from Kansas

    Glacier is a great ride. Moved from Butte to Topeka in 14.
  3. RaiderBill

    Hi folks

    Never heard of a chip key for a fjr before. Glad mine is just a key.
  4. RaiderBill

    Howdy From College Station Tx

    First time I have seen a tinted screen on an fjr and it looks good.
  5. RaiderBill

    My friend Dave’s bike.

    Great story. Other bikes may come and go from my garage but the fjr stays.
  6. RaiderBill

    my fjr 1300

    Here is my 2016 es, bought used with 13 miles in 2017. Came with the factory top box and I love the extra storage. Have tipover bars and bag guards. cox radiator guard, and the yamaha touring screen. Sargent seat that is ok but not great. Need to get a russell day long and the bike will be near...
  7. RaiderBill


    Reminds me of some rides I had in montana. Cold but fun.
  8. RaiderBill

    Name that FJR

    fjr or fj, My zx14 is NInja or 14 or zx14. I would name them but it would be a female name and then the wife...well i can hear it already. I could name them Samantha 1 and 2 but then oh its just not worth it. 
  9. RaiderBill

    2018 FJR - 3 Years in

    I think it depends on what your are used to, if your bike is in good condition anyway. I always thought my fjr was so easy to steer, turn, handle compared to other bikes mostly cruisers. Then I bought a 2018 zx14 and it turns and handles much better but not the brakes and they are even brembos...
  10. RaiderBill

    Givi bags on my Triumph Bonneville

    Looks good. Nice to have somewhere to put your stuff.
  11. RaiderBill

    Greets from Indy

    Welcome from Kansas. I got a kit from ebay for sport bikes that has all the screws, plastic "pops" I call them can be bought cheap also. Sounds like you got a great bike. 
  12. RaiderBill

    Turbo FJR

    Would love to have my fjr a turbo but could not do it if she has to take her clothes off like that. 
  13. RaiderBill

    FJRF013 - Transmission Recall for Second Gear (DE, UK, CA, & US) (2016-2020)

    Got my fjr back from the local yamaha shop today, brake and transmission recalls done. Transmission feels like it always did, no problems. Mine was their first, state they have another in line.
  14. RaiderBill

    FJRF013 - Transmission Recall for Second Gear (DE, UK, CA, & US) (2016-2020)

    Received my two letters also today for the trans and brake switch. 
  15. RaiderBill

    FJRF013 - Transmission Recall for Second Gear (DE, UK, CA, & US) (2016-2020)

    My 16es is on the list for brake switch and 2nd gear. Anyone getting any papers from Yamaha?
  16. RaiderBill

    Kawasaki new muscle cruiser

    Heard a rumor on you tube about Kawasaki possibly coming out with a cruiser with the h2 engine in it. Sounds great to me. Hopefully the dont pull a yamaha move like the vmax and have a 100 mile range or something like that that would really reduce the number of buyers. I think if they make it...
  17. RaiderBill

    New member from St Louis

    Welcome from topeka. fjr is the best all around bike i have ever owned.
  18. RaiderBill

    Getting the urge for a change

    I like having different bikes, i have an fjr and a rocket 3.  Always thought a gsxr 750 would be a great machine, not sure I would fit on it being six foot one. Love Kawasakis even though i currently dont own one, z900 sounds like a good bike. I got rid of an 11 fjr and ended up buying another...
  19. RaiderBill

    What did you do to your FJR today?

    Rode to the grocery store for the wife. It was 41 degrees out but at least I got to ride. I have sure got my money out of my firstgear heated jacket. 
  20. RaiderBill

    Almost an FJR owner...

    When i want to stretch my legs on a highway run i just let them flop down and flow behind the bike, air pressure will keep them off the road and it helps a lot. Try it I find it works for me.