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  1. valetz

    What the best MC road resource for Australia

    Anyone watching this section? I'll be in Australia in about a week (landing in Canberra, where I've got an FJR waiting) and I've got 8-10 days to go ride. Where should I be looking for good sources of info on roads. (at the moment I've got the Hema maps, and that's about it..) I know I'm...
  2. valetz

    Fuzeblock FZ-1 Group Buy, Dec 7th-13th ONLY

    Myself ( and another LD Rider, Tony DeLerenzo (, have teamed up to offer a group buy through Tony's site. This is probably the cheapest you'll ever see the fuzeblock so I thought I would share it with LDRiders also. Direct Link...
  3. valetz

    Bringing the MN FJR riders email list back to life.

    Hi, Once upon a time I stepped up to follow RiderCoach Lar's lead. He created a ChicagoLand FJR Riders list. I thought... "Hey cool, I'll create one for MN." I started with a list of folks I knew locally, and part of the CFO2005 roster. I added folks as they PM'ed me. Then the email...
  4. valetz

    Who all wants stop in Niobrara, NE on the way to CFO

    The Pict above is from when Dana and I stopped at Two Rivers on the way to WFO, it is a great place to meet and hang out. OK, So I'm sure most of you are wondering why Niobrara... Right? It's one of the classic Team Strange stops (think MN1000.) They have hosted various events in Niobrara...
  5. valetz

    She's a ticker...!

    Remember this video I posted from the Butt Lite Finish.... BL Ticker Now it's time to post one of my own.... My Ticker Yup, that's right, It didn't sound like this before I left for WFO but it does now... (I actually first thought I heard it tick a good 10k miles ago, but it was rare and...
  6. valetz

    Twin Cities, MN & Vicinity members email list

    Similar to what RiderCoach Lar is doing for Chicago... I just started doing the same for riders in Twin Cities/MN/how ever far you want to ride folks. I know sometimes myself I get way to busy to read the board, and that there are others who stop by to look for info they need it, but don't...
  7. valetz

    MN FJR get Together, July 13th '07 - Eagan, MN

    So I figure I better get off my buttocks and pick a date, and post it up so people can plan accordingly. So... Friday July 13th it is... Now go put it on your calendar before you forget. Hopefully the weekend after the 4th will be quieter, and it being Fri will allow people from farther out...
  8. valetz

    Arai Follow-up

    So, for those of you who missed the previous thread a question was asked about Arai helmets... I went off on a rant, I believe it was my longest post to date. There were two issues, 1) Helmet failed 2) Inability to get replacement parts Now on the first issue, I had the side cover on my...
  9. valetz

    FJR and CBX

  10. valetz

    Work Trip!

  11. valetz

    Almost Ready

    Bad Tire ................. Good Tire See yah guys on Fri. -bvw.
  12. valetz

    Ticker Video

    Warning 3.7 MB BL IIII Ticking Video Note: Piaa 910, w/ the igniter visible (ohhh ahhhh) John Pedrow doing checkin (I was kinda helping) Arlene Liska running over to talk to Brent Jass in Backgound. Oh yeah, I think this bike has had the head replaced once already. :angry2: You see...
  13. valetz

    FJR Riders in BL IV

    From TS pict site.. -bvw.
  14. valetz

    Tombstone AZ Head UP!!

    more info on the TS Website Clicky -bvw.
  15. valetz

    Sigma BC1606L Wire length

    So... If you have a Sigma 1606L mounted, I have questions 1) How long was the Sensor wire 2) If it was only 3 ft like the one I just bought, Did you.. A. Splice in a chunk to lengthen the wire? B. Mount the sensor to the front forks instead? thx, -bvw.
  16. valetz

    MN FJR get Together

    Sunday August 6th. 5pm (hell, show up whatever time you want) Burgers, Buns, Beer, etc. Come hang out and listen to stories about Radman at WFO. etc... See those fancy air flow wings the guys are putting on their bikes All are welcome, (even if you sold your FJR) Let Chuck know if he comes...
  17. valetz

    "Joy Joy #1" Is On Crashed Toys

    Clicky to see -bvw.
  18. valetz

    Who's Bike Is This

    Anyone know who this is.... Found the pict in Dougc's collection.... It was at the start of the IBR -bvw.
  19. valetz

    2nd Monday

    Hey Yall, Linda put the FJR folks down to have a monthly get together @ Betty's on the 2nd Monday of the Month.... So.... I'll see yah there on Sept 5th (Me Thinks it's kinda good as we had lost the BBQ inertia we had going last summer) -bvw.