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  1. valetz


    Lyle T. Bear, and Eddie telling a one of his many stories...
  2. valetz

    Minnesota 1000

    How ever you want... I can spent 3-4hrs planning, don't really care. Yeah, I generally have an efficient route, but I also go ride what seems interesting... I don't worry to much about the rest. -bvw.
  3. valetz

    Any word on John Ryan's(?) 11 x BBG attempt

    Radial ME880 170/60VR17 REAR I'm running them front and rear -bvw.
  4. valetz

    Any word on John Ryan's(?) 11 x BBG attempt

    OK, so I debated posting this, as it is kind of a continued hijack, but then again, tires are part of the conversation. This is the ME880 I put on before WFO Just shy of 8400 miles in the picture. I hit the wear bars on the way back from the IBR finish ~7800 (I took the long way through...
  5. valetz

    SPANK RALLY Deadlne

    Finish sure looks yummy... -bvw.
  6. valetz

    back from the IBR

    That sucks.... I think Ignacio's blog is easiest info to get to ... -bvw.
  7. valetz

    More Photos from the Finish...

    We gave Chris Crap about that too, he claimed he had just ridden through rain... I didn't buy it. -bvw.
  8. valetz

    More Photos from the Finish...

    Yup, Derek rolled in around midnight, he was running ahead of schedule, I happened to be in front of the hotel when he rolled in, gave him a one man standing ovation. :clapping: :yahoo: That's cause the had gotten a shower and about 4 hrs of sleep at that point. Now, about the BBG4.5 you...
  9. valetz

    IBR bike casualties

    Adv Rider thread now has picts on page 19 Clicky (They're even GZ Approved!! :-) -bvw.
  10. valetz

    IBR bike casualties

    Depending on whether he is going to hang around for the finish, I have a stator gasket in the garage I could bring with. -bvw.
  11. valetz

    IBR bike casualties

    Here is the thread over at advrider. Rob Nye even apparently posted up too. (see page 10 and 11) -bvw.
  12. valetz

    IBR bike casualties

    Ah, I don't think us non-BMW-MOA folks can get to that part of that board....
  13. valetz

    IBR bike casualties

    Wow! you get info quick, this isn't even on the LDRider list yet... -bvw.
  14. valetz

    IBR drawing

    Sounds acceptable to me...I had dug it up and was in the middle of posting it in the forum when I looked at it and realized... Oh, shit.... It says right here I'm not supposed to. -bvw.
  15. valetz

    Checkpoint One photos: FJR guys

    LOL Do they know their press bike is being run in the IBR...?? (Or was that overlooked in the "press bike" agreement?) -bvw.
  16. valetz

    IBR drawing

    Um Yeah, so I was about to paste it in the forum here, and then I read this at the top of it. "C 2006, Iron Butt Rally, INC, Chicago, Illinois Please respect our intellectual property rights. Do not distribute this document or portions therein, without the written permission of the Iron Butt...
  17. valetz

    SS on the way to CFO

    When I came back from WFO I checked the GPS against the bike. Difference was 4 tenths of a percent. -bvw.
  18. valetz

    SkooterG vs. the Iron Butt Rally

    Good Luck Skooter... -bvw.
  19. valetz

    07 IBR-FJRForum

    From what I've heard... The best place to see the rally is the finish line. You get to see the riders come in, and see the bikes... (I don't think you'll find more farkled bikes anywhere else) The atmosphere is a little more relaxed as the ride is over. (And the riders might even have bought...