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  1. harper

    Bought used.. missing stuff

    RossKean speaks the truth as usual. Assemble your own tool kit based on what you think you might need on the road. The Yamaha kit has very few items and I, for one, can't think of why I would need a spark plug socket on the road. I have the Yamaha kit augmented with an LED flashlight, tire...
  2. harper

    Ram mount on left unused threaded hole near clutch reservoir

    I have this RAM mount plate that goes over the clutch reservoir. I use it with a 2" extension (shorter than the one you show) and a tablet mount for Kindle or iPad size devices. Plenty of clutch clearance and plenty of instrumentation visibility even with a tablet mounted.
  3. harper

    GPS Software for Android

    When I was looking I tried OSMAnd and had trouble getting it to work. Cyclepath has had great success with it, though. And if I remember correctly, it's free. I settled on Kurviger which you can try for free for a week and, if you like it, the economical way to buy it is $10 per year. It gives...
  4. harper

    Tues Signal Canceller

    I still like following Niehart and watching his directional signals blink for mile after mile. I'm trying to learn that technique.
  5. harper

    Gerauld Highway Pegs

    Mouse over his picture icon in the post above you. In the window that opens, click MESSAGE at the bottom.
  6. harper

    FZ1 mirrors needed

    Why do you need mirrors? You're always behind me.
  7. harper

    Installed 1" Risers this morning

    I installed these this morning in about an hour. I buzzed around a bit to check them out. They allow me to sit somewhat more upright. That is to say it's noticeable but not drastic. There are no instructions included with these Chinese knock-offs which seems kind of stupid but the GenMar...
  8. harper

    Installed 1" Risers this morning

    Did you have to lengthen any lines or did it just fit right in? It appears that you have some aft adjustment as well with this riser kit. Did you find this to be true?
  9. harper

    MotoBike Jack - pick your pig up off the ground!

    I saw the video. I think the bike could be righted much more quickly with a small explosive charge. Substantially more compact as easy to stow, too.
  10. harper

    ear buds or in helmet bluetooth

    You could always ride in a car and listen to music. Or listen to it in your living room The trade offs aren't so great there. But on a motorcycle there are trade offs. I have some comfortable Skull Candy ear buds ($10) that produce great sound...until I'm moving along at 50 mph. I have the...
  11. harper

    Tonight, the Throttlemeister install

    I have the Throttlemeister installation instructions for the FJR in pdf format. Also, here are the jpgs of the two pages that will hopefully be of use to you:
  12. harper

    Thank you, DesignFlaw06!

    Although I do like an attractive cardboard/duct tape kluge like your original carrier, the new version is clearly superior. It's always best to start with something free and disposable to determine whether or not you want to even make a finished product. The beauty is that you already knew the...
  13. harper

    Russell Seat "Fix"

    Ross- I bought a 2006 with a RDL that was built for a guy much shorter than me with a much shorter inseam. I figured I should put the seat in the high position because I was taller but I had some fitment issues doing that Not so much being crammed up against the gas tank as having my shins...
  14. harper

    Windshield bolts: scary ride yesterday

    In order to ensure that I didn't damage your nylon OEM screws when I borrowed your windshield, I didn't even use them. I just set your windshield on my mounting bracket and told it to stay there.
  15. harper

    VStream windshield lowered, with wedges (gen lll)

    I like the Sharpie detailing. Ghetto is my kind of hacking. Good job.
  16. harper

    Trailer Build - hopefully in improvement to my current one

    A thing of beauty. Is the plywood bottom just a stiffener? Is there a more waterproof skin beneath the plywood? Will you give us rides in it tomorrow?
  17. harper

    As close to windshield nirvana as I am going to get

    The spacers don't touch the windshield. Remove the windshield completely. Then remove the two 10mm bolts on the mounting bracket and loosen the allen head screws on the side of the bracket. The spacers go under the bracket and then the (longer if necessary) 10mm bolts go back through the bracket...
  18. harper

    Billet aluminum Tender Plug Mount

    This is always the most important criterion.
  19. harper

    2nd Gen windshield tuning

    What I notice is the gorgeous paint job on the 2006. Nice touch. Why didn't that carry over to the 2008? Any of the windshields that fit the stock mount can be tilted by adding spacers. I think Rifle claims that you can change the rake by 7 degrees using their bracket. Thanks for the response...
  20. harper

    2nd Gen windshield tuning

    Hey, Harald, thanks. When we met up in October I thought you had a V-Stream windshield. Did you have one of the Cee Baileys mounted at that time? The Cee Bailey +4 +4 is the one that's 23" tall and 4 extra inches wide, isn't it? The nominal height of the V-Stream is 22.25", I think. I also think...