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  1. harper

    FJR bodywork repair and repainting business opportunity

    Gary- You did a beautiful job on my side cases. Dang, I guess I can't lay that big girl down on her pillows for a nap anymore.
  2. harper

    Surging, Sputtering at 4,000-5,000 RPM

    Check this thread on diagnostic codes.
  3. harper

    Brake Job - Need confirmation of these parts

    Rider- How many miles on your 2007 and how worn are your brake pads? At 67000 miles I replaced all the OEM brake pads on my 2006. The rear pads were below minimum spec. They each had about 0.010" pad remaining. Two of the front were at minimum spec with about 0.020" of remaining pad. The six...
  4. harper

    Electrical Issue?

    Charles- I just replaced the battery on my '06. My old battery behaved well but it was at least 6 years old. It might even have been the original which would make it 15 years old. I didn't know all of its history. I'm going on a 4000-5000 mile ride this summer and didn't want to be surprised...
  5. harper

    Pulling to the left

    Is the behavior similar to this:
  6. harper

    What happens when your engineer friend .....

    You don't know George. I was at his place to rebuild a shock recently and we had to wait for the Virginia Mason surgeons to finish up in his garage. They come to George's to perform critical surgery because his garage is so much cleaner than their ORs.
  7. harper

    Rear Seat Removal

    Your ignition key also unlocks the latch for the seats. The seat lock is on the left side below the seats. Switching windscreens is about a 10 minute job. Be sure to first remove the two set screws under the trim piece at the bottom of the windscreen assembly. There is a group of nylon screws...
  8. harper

    Hearing Aids

    I don't know many people who have sex with their ears. Thanks for not showing me that trick when we roomed together.
  9. harper

    I'm a dumbass

    I saw this thread title and I thought I must have started it. Then I read it and didn't recognize it. I didn't know there were any other dumbasses around. I don't feel so lonely anymore...except when I'm cleaning up my dumbass messes or repairing my dumbass errors. Uh oh...I smell smoke. Gotta go.
  10. harper

    Radiator fan works only with 12v applied

    Thanks, but that's OK. I'm just glad you found it.
  11. harper

    Radiator fan works only with 12v applied

    This doesn't seem like much of a prize to me. What will I do with a corroded connector? I guess I could put it next to my corroded ABS sensor wells.
  12. harper

    Radiator fan works only with 12v applied

    This sounds a lot like there is a high resistance path to or from the fan. Like a corroded connection at the fuse or relay or a corroded spider in the ground path.
  13. harper

    Rear brake master cylinder rebuild time?

    I use the gravel road test Panman cites above. I run up to 20mph and stand on the rear only. Then I run up to 20mph and grab lots of front brake. Then I run up to 20mph again and hit both brakes hard. I do this at least twice a year and after flushing.
  14. harper

    Second Gear fix on Gen II

    How to unwrap a CD? Figuring out what women really want? How to make a fried egg without breaking the yolk? Climate change? How to get people to stop saying, "AWESOME?" How many of your labor hours do you estimate went into this effort ?
  15. harper

    CM1a-D-12V Relays no longer available (fan, headlight, etc)

    Adding a diode like you say is the best solution. That way you can buy a relay with or without the damping resistor. I've done this to lots of relays but not on a motorcycle. Where do you make the attachment? I usually do it on the socket if there is one but I don't know what the layout is like...
  16. harper

    CM1a-D-12V Relays no longer available (fan, headlight, etc)

    Don- Note that I changed the TE part number again. The TE packages are not sealed like the Panasonic packages. I have not yet found a sealed equivalent. My guess is that having a sealed package with a damping resistor is more important than having an unsealed package with a diode snubber.
  17. harper

    CM1a-D-12V Relays no longer available (fan, headlight, etc)

    A snubber diode almost completely prevents the voltage across a relay coil from reversing polarity when the current in the coil is interrupted (when the relay is turned off). Using a diode doesn't require any additional current to keep the relay energized. A damping resistor in the same place...
  18. harper

    CM1a-D-12V Relays no longer available (fan, headlight, etc)

    Don- I believe that this TE Connectivity part may be equivalent: V23074-A2001-A403 Mouser has them as well as onlinecomponents. They should be Micro ISO base, 1 form C contacts, 12VDC coil with diode. Here's the data sheet...
  19. harper

    2005 FJR drains batteries

    One of the classic "invisible" battery drain problems is a leaking bridge rectifier on an alternator.
  20. harper

    New Rotella Product?

    Hey, Mike. Let me know if your clutch slips. I don't think the Rotella T4 has any friction modifiers. I've had trouble finding Rotella T lately. Last week it was on sale at Advanced Auto Parts for $15 per gallon. I bought three. I wonder if they're closing it out. Home Depot and Walmart no...