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    anyone riding this week end?

    I will be out sunday at the very least if you fancy it? Darlington, Richmond, Reeth, Hawes, Leyburn, Bedale, Northallerton then back to Darlington. Come and join us if you want. Not far :-)
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    Need a new Wallpaper for my Computer. (Post up your FJR Pics)

    Three in a row. Mines the middle one.
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    RenoJohn WHITE STAG ride report

    What can I say, brilliant.
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    Fuel filler cap

    Did a search but found nothing similar so.. as usual after my 04 FJR had stood for a long time (since September), the fuel filler was jammed. The key is normally free to turn but the catch on the bottom jams. 3 in 1 and brute force eventually opened it but the key always suffers. I was...
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    Bar end weights gap

    A couple of electricians rubber grommits do the job.
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    R.I.P. Dad

    I am sure all of us in the UK join with you in your sorrow. As said before remember the good times and the sadness you feel now will be lightened by your own fond memories. Jerry
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    Forum Format Change?

    Damn, I have put up with this for weeks now, such a simple remedy. Jerry
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    She has a nice pair of panniers, no matter what peoples thoughts they are still a lovely piece of Honda engineering. Enjoy
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    How quick is your FJR?

    Ooooohhhh mine is so much faster than that. 0-60 in, well button was too slow, 0-100 too busy trying to get the 0-60. 1/4 as before. Top had to hit the brakes due to looking at the watch for the 0-60. 637lbs, you not seen my beer belly?
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    Foldable motorcycle

    Easy, take a taxi to the bar. No need to leave the car or get it home!
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    Check out my new ride

    My comments the other week. Did about an hour or just over on all kinds of roads on an 07 VFR with the new fueling map and altered V-Tec. First I noticed of course was how small it felt compared with the FJR, seemed squat and short but this was also due to the more leant forward riding...
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    After the tick cure.

    In my case they took the whole engine out, I know cos I saw it on the bench. Sequence I don't know but the guy that did it has access to all the necessary data and is a good mechanic. I feel it would have been done correctly but I will ask him. I checked the service manual and checked them in...
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    After the tick cure.

    Ok all mounting bolts are tight. Thing is that all the vibrations seem to come from the exhaust. If I feel about the engine seems to have no vibrations at all, touch the exhaust and it is like a can full of angry wasps. Is that normal? I need to get some one to ride it who thinks there bike...
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    One of My Son's Commutes

    seems odd that the car was behind when the pursuit began?
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    After the tick cure.

    OK so fairing lowers off tomorrow, anyone got a schematic with all the mounts showing and the torques? I know it's left side first. The ones with the pinch bolts? What's the procedure here? is it loosen pinch bolt, tighten main bolt then re-secure pinch bolt. I am reasonably good with...
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    After the tick cure.

    In answer to first, yes the whole engine was out.
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    After the tick cure.

    Does anyone think it would be necessary to check and adjust the CO after the heads been done to cure the tick? 04 and the vibes are getting really annoying. I have done the TB sync and it cured a little but no where near enough. It is OK up to about 4500 then it starts, eases off from about...
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    Adding Circles & Arrows to FJR Photos

    Find Snaggit useful, capture screen images etc then put callouts on.
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    Ram Mount Location For GPS with least vibration

    I mounted my TomTom rider to the top of the suspension where the adjusters are, still working fine after 1000 miles or so. Not much vibration eaither. Photos are posted on here if you want to look.
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    Buzzy Vibration

    Are all the mounts shown on this diagram? Anyone point out the critical ones and the torque values. Also there seems to rear ones with pinch bolts as well.