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    Fuel filler cap

    Did a search but found nothing similar so.. as usual after my 04 FJR had stood for a long time (since September), the fuel filler was jammed. The key is normally free to turn but the catch on the bottom jams. 3 in 1 and brute force eventually opened it but the key always suffers. I was...
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    After the tick cure.

    Does anyone think it would be necessary to check and adjust the CO after the heads been done to cure the tick? 04 and the vibes are getting really annoying. I have done the TB sync and it cured a little but no where near enough. It is OK up to about 4500 then it starts, eases off from about...
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    How does one get the tool tray out?

    Done a search but nothing found, how does one get the tool tray out? I tried undoing the 2 bolts but held somewhere else. 2004 odel FJR. I have been told there are bolts underneath, how do I get to them. You would think this task would have been made easy.
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    Any of our Canadian friend live near Regina?

    My eldest Daughter has gone awol to meet someone she met on the WWW. Seems this is where she has gone. We are a little concerened that we have not heard from her since she sneaked off out of the country leaving her family and everything behind last week.