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  1. harper

    Not a "Reuben Run" but "The Last Hurrah" - Labor Day Weekend 1-5 September 2022

    Was this after Ray had a few or after you had a few?
  2. harper


    Great time as always. Great crowd as always. Here's hoping that this gathering "goes to eleven."
  3. harper

    Reuben Run 10 shirts and food

    Ray- PayPal sent for one of Joel's "diet" prime rib dinners.
  4. harper

    Reuben Run #10

    Ray- Double room booked. I'm rooming with Archer. See you in September at the tenth (not final) Reuben Run
  5. harper

    Reuben Run #10

    I got my '06 back and it looks brand new. You can go ahead and loan your '04 out to someone else. No bus ride for me!!
  6. harper

    Reuben Run #10

    Ray, if I ever get my plastics in I will be there with a shiny, new 2006 FJR. I already have two side cases perfectly refinished by Garauld, I just have no motorcycle to put them on. If nothing else I will take the bus and use the side cases as luggage.
  7. harper

    Reuben Run #9

    Thanks to Ray and Patti for going to the trouble of organizing a great Reuben Run. Thanks for the stator cover, Ray. Thanks to JP for his generous Friday night dinner. And thanks to Joel for the Saturday dinner fare. It's hard to take good photos with 200 to 400 foot visibility.
  8. harper

    Reuben Run #9

    Ray, I've got a brand new red Speedo about the size of a 3/4" BandAid that I wanted to try out in the hot tub this year. Will it be open for RR9?
  9. harper

    Reuben Run #9

    Did you guys find a dine-in restaurant in Bickleton? I'm staying in the Dalles Thursday night but may join since you're going over Cayuse Pass anyway.
  10. harper

    Reuben shirts and food

    One attending, very hungry, but will accept the standard micro-cut of prime rib.
  11. harper

    Reuben Run #9

    Room booked, Ray. Thanks again for organizing this.
  12. harper

    PNW Tech Meet #22 POSTPONED until further notice

    Thanks for hosting again, Bryan. Forks and tires for me.
  13. harper

    PNW Tech meet #21 July 20, 2019

    Thanks for hosting again Bryan and Marissa. Thanks for all the help Paul, Mike, and especially J who put my tires on the right way.
  14. harper

    Washington Motorcycle Licensing

    I don't understand. I just picked a number I liked and drew a license plate on a piece of cardboard with a crayon. Cheap.
  15. harper

    PNW Tech meet #21 July 20, 2019

    Count me in. I have a set of new bushings that are anxious to be installed in my forks with some fresh oil. Thanks for hosting this again Bryan.
  16. harper

    Reuben Run #8 food

    Although Joel's portions are always hopelessly puny, both the prime rib and the BBQ are excellent. The price you pay for what you get is unbeatable and it's more about who you're eating with than what you're eating anyway. It's a great crowd and a great function. For an asshole, you rock, Ray.
  17. harper

    Reuben Run 7 dinner sign up

    PayPal sent. My stomach is already growling.
  18. harper

    Reuben Run 7

    My reputation precedes me and, wisely, no one wants me for a roommate. I booked a single room today at the group rate. There were no remaining double rooms available so everyone is safe, I'm not seeking a roommate. I am sorry that I failed to ask how many rooms were still available at the group...
  19. harper

    Reuben Run 7

    Or maybe word got around that I stiffed my last two roommates for the bill.
  20. harper

    Reuben Run 7

    I'm still looking for someone who has booked and wants a roommate.