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  1. valetz

    Pilot Road 2's

    Dennis Kirk will price match SWMoto... Even when SWMoto is out of stock. -bvw.
  2. valetz

    Hey my Minnesota homies

    Yeah, it's a good thing to know, but they only match the prices (or is beat them by a dollar?) after somebody else has a lower price. I'd just as well give my money to the guy who gives me the good deal to start with. I've bought my last couple sets of tires from U Motors. -bvw.
  3. valetz

    Tool of the Year

    I have a coupe of those, I've also got one of those fancy metal oil change pans, AND One of those "Disater pans" that goes under a washing machine, it works great for catching coolant. -bvw.
  4. valetz

    Aerostich Competitor?

    Looks cool, and I'm sure they will sell if they hit the price point. -- But I still need a custom fit (and I live in MN so It's easy to get up there) -- Hope you can get something else other than that light grey -- I'd be really interested to see one in person. -bvw.
  5. valetz

    Tankbag Sized LED Flashlights ??

    Maglight, that's what I'll tell yah I think I carry at least 3 of the little ones (2-AA) One in Tank Bag One in stich pocket One in Tool pouch. At about $10 each you have redundancy should the first one fail. -bvw.
  6. valetz

    Arai Follow-up

    It was an eBay purchase from back when internet sales were Taboo... So I didn't bother trying to warranty it. (But yes it was less that 5 years old) What really burned me was I had listened to Bruce Porter give me the line about: "Proper fit, Customer Service, Brick and Mortar only approach"...
  7. valetz

    Arai Follow-up

    So, for those of you who missed the previous thread a question was asked about Arai helmets... I went off on a rant, I believe it was my longest post to date. There were two issues, 1) Helmet failed 2) Inability to get replacement parts Now on the first issue, I had the side cover on my...
  8. valetz

    Has anyone used this trunk on fjr

    The stuff on the web site looks very much like the "Chinese Imitation Givi luggage" I've seen before. Personally I would avoid it... But, apparently some of these will work with Givi mounts My advice: Spend the extra money for the genuine article If price is an issue, go look at pelican...
  9. valetz

    Group buy question

    Never seen a group buy, but there is a 10% discount when you purchase at the warehouse. No easier way to make sure that you get a good fit the first time. -bvw.
  10. valetz

    MRA VarioScreen-Maxi windshield?

    I've got one, used it since day one. btw, there was a thread on this previously clicky If you go check the old thread there is mention of a spoiler, I was thinking of getting one of those instead of the laminar lip. As far as your questions: how tall are you? -- 6' When you ride at...
  11. valetz

    Shoei Red Wine vs 07 FJR Black Cherry

    I dunno about the match... But if I buy a new Multitec it's most likely going to be bright yellow. -bvw.
  12. valetz

    Going to get a Aerostich what do you

    Note: Derek sucks... Cause he can run over to Aerostich for his lunch hour.. :clapping: -bvw.
  13. valetz

    Going to get a Aerostich what do you

    SKIP this puppy.... Seriously... It's big and bulky, and doesn't work well w/ the suit... Either a) Get the back protector from Aerostich ' B) Buy one that you wear independent from the suit if you need more protection. -bvw.
  14. valetz

    different roady xts?

    Nope, you've got this wrong :yahoo: You can plug headphones straight into a Roady (1/2/xt) (I've done this quite a bit with just earphones between the 3 bikes) Caveat: If you start combining multiple inputs you need to be careful. Most notably with a Garmin. if you splice a Roady and a...
  15. valetz

    Group buys

    Catfish == Farklemasters == Great Service I had issues with the PHIDS I bought on the MicaTech group buy... He took care of me...!!! (even though I didn't buy them from him) -bvw.
  16. valetz

    Arai RX7 Corsair

    Ahh, you came to the right place... 1) Arai Sucks (IMHO all standard disclaimers apply) 1A) A certain Moto rag said bashed Snell ratings in favor of DOT, Arai pulled ads   1B) Sh!tty Sales policy 1B.1) Arai wouldn't allow internet sales, so I had to go into my local Stealer - Yah know the...
  17. valetz

    Back Protection Armour

    Skip the Bohn, to bulky heavy and annoying for what you get. Do one of the following A) Get one of the Stich back protectors -or- ' B) if you think that it isn't enough protection, get one that is independent from the suit, the Bohn distracts from the wear-ablility of the stich -bvw.
  18. valetz

    Givi E52

    Yes, They both mount on the same base, you don't have to worry unless you are looking at some of the smaller scooter cases. -bvw.
  19. valetz

    Info on those mirrors

    Yah, I got that part Radman... but those damn spinners... How do yah do that...? Tape 'em so they still spin... Yah know? -bvw.
  20. valetz

    Vario Touring Spoiler & Maxi Windshield

    Ahhh Yes.... you mean this.... I like it... (not perfect, but I don't know if any of them are...) I think the ideal rider for this is shorter than me (6 ft) Before I added the laminar lip I would ride with it down low, except for the interstate runs when I would slide it up... After the...