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    James Webb Space Telescope

    This stuff has always fascinated me. I still remember watching John Glenns flight as a little kid and have followed the space program ever since. Here is a little something I shot out on my deck earlier this month.
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    Still here and still crazy after all these years.

    Since my relocation to Arizona back in 2012 I picked up FJR #5 and it has served me well, crossing the country multiple times. I think this one will be a keeper as I love the color and it does everything I need it to do.
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    End of an ERA

    But it beats the alternative. 
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    End of an ERA

    Congratulations Dale, nothing wrong with facing the realities of time and making wise choices because of it. We all are eventually looking at the same decisions and for me as that day comes ever closer, I will just be happy to still be riding regardless of what it is. Nice new scoot, enjoy it. 
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    Acquiring Boxed FJR in the PNW?

    Break in/schmake in. I think I have tried all the various methods, with the most fun one being for the 2004 that I picked up from DVP. Warchild, Sharp and I (along with a couple of others that my now geezer memory is failing to recollect) headed out of Sunnyside and immediately ran the bikes up...
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    Pros/Cons of the 6th gear?

    5, 6, isn't the number that is important, it is all in how you use it. 😏
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    2021 FJR1300 is out. We get one more year!!

    Unfortunately I have had my quota of variations of Silver/Gray/Black FJR's. I have never had so many compliments on a bike as I have on my 2014 and since I really like it too, FJR #5 will continue to live in my garage. Hopefully they will use up all the Silver/Gray paint at some point and find...
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    2020 FJR1300

    As someone that always tries to see the upside to everything, Yamaha just saved me a lot of future money if this is the end of the road and I can't say I'm completely surprised (for several reasons) if it is. The FJR is for me, everything I want a motorcycle to do. I am now on my 5th one I have...
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    My Motorcycle Accident

    Very interesting read. On a beautiful Friday afternoon in July 1996 on my way back from my annual 2 week summer sojourn, I was hit by a red light runner in Portland Oregon. It was on a 4 lane 45 MPH road and the traffic was fairly heavy. Because of the positioning of all the other traffic I...
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    Wide Open Throttle question

    I like to check my rev limiter regularly just to make sure it still works, or doesn't need an adjustment, or hasn't fallen off, or hasn't been stolen......
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    ES Suspension

    50k miles reporting in, all good here. If everything goes to plan I should add another 20-25 by fall.
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    Throttle Lock Gen 2 and 3

    It's been a long time but as I remember, I drilled a small hole through the square tab on the Vista as well in the metal housing for the cables being careful to locate the hole between the cables. If I remember this part correctly, it may have been at the seam where the two haves of the housing...
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    2018 FJR Details Released

    My wallet is safe for another year. I've had more compliments on the red than any bike I have ever owned and it's my favorite as well. Maybe next year.
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    Sidecase Labels Fall Off

    I've lost 2, both on the right side. 1st one was under the 12 and 12, YES bought the second one. I guess I really should peel them both off and get some REAL glue.
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    1st & 5th disappear in dash indicator

    Great info. I'm on the road right now but as soon as I get home, my switch will be getting a cleaning.
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    1st & 5th disappear in dash indicator

    While I agree with that, in this case they seem to be the best of the worst around here. Having a great dealer accessible was one of the few things I gave up when I left Washington State. Still worth it.
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    1st & 5th disappear in dash indicator

    Yup, mine started dropping while in 5th awhile back. Once in awhile now in 1st. Everything else, cruise control, the remaining instrumentation etc continues to work as normal. Since I'm looking to address it with my YES, the dealer wants it in "failed" mode. Hard to do when it's intermittent and...
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    Gen 1 Adjustable handlebars.

    See if you can find a set of lenkeradapters. Many of us used them on our Gen 1's. Great product from Germany, maybe they still sell them in Europe?
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    FJR Mileage Milestones

    2014 bought as a leftover into the 2015 model year, it's my 5th FJR. I was on the original 2003 PDP deposit program, had one of the first FJR's to hit the states. I did 27k on this bike in it's first year, then I "un-retired". I racked up some decent miles on a KLR and well restored V-65 Magna...
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    How many use cruise above 80 mph?

    I am here to testify I have survived speeds that by most would be considered to be ridiculous. I just don't do that where common sense says it's neither smart nor promoting the better interests of motorcyclists in general. That said, if you have you have never have ridden the open hinterlands of...