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  1. McRide

    CFR2023 location poll

    the 'Eh Team'...
  2. McRide

    2022 CFR Nakusp

    Sorry to hear that Bob. Your efforts on the Rally are well and truly apppreciated.
  3. McRide

    YFO 2023 - Gauging interest

    That's a perfect spot Tyler. ... Shelter Cove, Van Duzen Road, Mad River, Legget, 101 Redwood and the list goes on.... and....walking distance to Denny's, Jenny's Giant Burger and the North Coast Pub from (may I suggest) the Oceanside Inn or Travelodge. I'm IN and Thanks!
  4. McRide

    2022 CFR Nakusp

    I'm not able to make this shindig. Just called the Lodge at Arrow Lakes to cancel the room.... If you're looking, give them a call.
  5. McRide

    2022 CFR Nakusp

    Would be a great #4 trip to the Great White North .... looking forward to many 1908's at the Bengal Room brother...
  6. McRide

    James Webb Space Telescope

    Years ago ago I was able to get my 1st look at Saturn close up, and was asked to keep an eye on some very small white smudges off in the distance. As the Scope was reeled in slowly, the smudges became stars that passed by, out of the field of view, as we went deeper and deeper into space...
  7. McRide

    YFO 2023 - Gauging interest

    We all had a big 'ol time in Sonora a few years back, stayed here IIRC, and Saturday banquet in the adjacent historic Sonora Inn ..
  8. McRide

    2022 CFR Nakusp

    ... and that was two days after we had 'recuperated' at the strip club in Bend...
  9. McRide

    CFR2023 location poll

    The heart strings are strong but it's +7 days (ish) one way from Socal to NS. I would be down for something more central Canada....?
  10. McRide

    Greetings from Vancouver BC

    Hello from San Diego
  11. McRide

    2022 CFR Nakusp

    The Leland has a great, old school <1970's vibe> Pub, pool tables, etc. Fairlaner and I spent a memorable afternoon there, recuperating from the long ride north.
  12. McRide

    Michelin Road 6GT

    MICHELIN Road 6GT ,1st I've seen of these.... Ride Report anyone? Here
  13. McRide

    Ray Slocomb, FjRay - Now on second honeymoon with Patti

    Awe... RIP Ray... sad to hear this.
  14. McRide

    No Audible for Escort Ix Radar with Garmin XT, Samsung Phone and Sena 20s Mash Up

    I'll attempt to describe the setup but I am electro-technically challenged.... I can't get the audible from the Ix into the Sena Headset. Perhaps synching (4) Bluetooth devices is too much? I can hear the Phone Audio and Phone Apps and XT. The Ix is paired with the Escort app on the phone, were...
  15. McRide

    Elevated Idle, periodic

    Anyone have this happen?... One a 1hr run into the hills (for pie), I noticed that the engine braking was minimal. Pulled the clutch lever and noticed that the idle was at +2500. I eventually stopped to see what was amiss, gave it a few quick blips and it went back to a normal 1000. The 2013 is...
  16. McRide

    Battery Stress Test

    It was a series of unfortunate evets... I thought about a running jump start but it was too crowded, blah, blah. Link to a portable Lithium?
  17. McRide

    Battery Stress Test

    Unfortunately, the FJR Battery died in the parking lot of my office... on a Friday afternoon. No chance to leave it until the morning, (when I could probably get it going). I was able to get a trickle charger to the bike (I live nearby) and it started red and went to green, so great. But one...
  18. McRide

    Los Angeles Traffic Advice

    Tony, Remember that I-5 has dedicated HOV lanes almost the entirety of LA, north to south and vis-versa... HOV on far right or left, for cars with multiple passengers, electric cars and Motobikes. No decal required. They are typically almost empty and rarley backup. The Caltrans website will...
  19. McRide

    Historic California: Cerro Gordo Mining Town

    Cerro Gordo Road vid Found this video of the road from 2014... lot's of ruts and rocks.. adv bike ought to do it!