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  1. McRide

    Michelin Road 6GT

    MICHELIN Road 6GT ,1st I've seen of these.... Ride Report anyone? Here
  2. McRide

    No Audible for Escort Ix Radar with Garmin XT, Samsung Phone and Sena 20s Mash Up

    I'll attempt to describe the setup but I am electro-technically challenged.... I can't get the audible from the Ix into the Sena Headset. Perhaps synching (4) Bluetooth devices is too much? I can hear the Phone Audio and Phone Apps and XT. The Ix is paired with the Escort app on the phone, were...
  3. McRide

    Elevated Idle, periodic

    Anyone have this happen?... One a 1hr run into the hills (for pie), I noticed that the engine braking was minimal. Pulled the clutch lever and noticed that the idle was at +2500. I eventually stopped to see what was amiss, gave it a few quick blips and it went back to a normal 1000. The 2013 is...
  4. McRide

    Battery Stress Test

    Unfortunately, the FJR Battery died in the parking lot of my office... on a Friday afternoon. No chance to leave it until the morning, (when I could probably get it going). I was able to get a trickle charger to the bike (I live nearby) and it started red and went to green, so great. But one...
  5. McRide

    Historic California: Cerro Gordo Mining Town

    Does anyone have experience taking an FJR up the dirt road to the historic ghost town of Cerro Gordo? East of Independence CA, off the 395 (Owens Valley). 36.53763457342098, -117.79533187506264   I see it's a rise of one mile over an eight mile run, up the mountainside... that's a pretty steep...
  6. McRide

    Opinions Wanted on Retiring to Puget Sound

    Empty Nesters here considering a retirement move out of San Diego. With family now in Hawaii, Montana and BC, and the availability of non-stop flights to each from SeaTac, the PNW is looking good. We are originally from the Pacific North Wet except we don't have any history in the greater Puget...
  7. McRide

    FS: Corbin Saddle for Gen II or III, Baker AirWings for Sale

    Everything is Sold....thanks All items work as expected and all are in good condition, or better...Make an offer..Shipping via Ground within Canada & USA included. SOLD Garmin Zumo 590 with Euro SunShade, Hardwiring for switched power , Soft Case and 300 songs on the internal MP3 ready to go...
  8. McRide

    Corbin Seat and HeliBar

    I'm 6'2 and have had a very tuned '04 for many years/many miles. I moved to a '13 Gen 3. Where the Rocky Mayer Seat on the '04 was very neutral to my body, the Corbin on the '13 ... not so much. I think it might be that the '13 has the Helibar Accessory pushing my neutral position forward into...
  9. McRide

    Zumo XT Review

    I think a few of you will be moving to the XT.... for the screen brightness alone. It's well built like the 595 and has a larger screen. Out of the Box, powered up on battery and took the unit into the direct sun, wearing a gray tee-shirt and viewed from all angles... it's as bright as the 595...
  10. McRide

    High River Alberta to Kelowna

    If one was in a hurry, is it best to get from High River Alberta to Kelowna BC going (a) north thru Golden/Revelstoke or (b) south thru Cranbrook/Grand Forks? They're both twisty but I have no 1st hand knowledge about those routes.... I know, two seasons in BC: Winter and Road Repairs... 
  11. McRide

    Gen III Stator Loading/ Voltage Draw

    Perhaps someone has experience with this....can a Gen III Stator handle at the same time the Heated Grips plus Heated Gear (Gloves & Jacket) and a Heated Corbin Saddle? I'm also powering a Garmin 590 and Cell Phone.. All the farkles go thru a Fuzeblock. With everything on, what would you expect...
  12. McRide

    Lamm Seat For Sale, Gen II or III

    Purchased New last year, I'm 6'-1", 225lbs  and it was a custom ride-in to Lamm in Redding. The Seat (Vinyl) is basically new, only having rode about 650m from Redding back to San Diego that day. Unfortunately, It was mounted on the Bike with the Smuggler at the Shop, but once I got home and...
  13. McRide

    2004 FJR1300 for Sale

          2004 FJR1300 with 91,445 miles, 2nd Owner, purchased 2006.  Older pic, but looks the same. Well maintained & Ready-to-Go. Not a daily Commuter. Pics available on request. Needs a good home... Asking $4,500, open to reasonable offers, If you know this FJR community, then you know that...
  14. McRide

    Bluetooth EarBuds

    Any success with BT EarBuds that are smallish and synch OK with a Zumo 590 & 20S? Considering changing from cabled EarBuds and not needing to tangle with cables and the D-Strap. In-Helmet Speakers do not cancel enough outside noise for my taste.
  15. McRide

    Split: 2013 Switch Toggle

    Not hijacking but... there is a distinct change in response, but on this '13 unfortunately, the switch toggles between both without my help. Anyone else?
  16. McRide

    '13 high Frequency Vibration

    Hey, asking for help.... compared to my '04, the '13 has very noticeable high frequency vibration, thru the seat , thru the handgrips and into my head... vision is scattered, not at all clear. This is only on some freeways, but not others. I know... it's the road surface stupid... but I'm not...
  17. McRide

    '13 stock Dogbone length?

    As you might figure, I am making some suspension/height adjustments or more accurately.... the Corbin seat is too low for me and I can't go far enough in a day on the stock seat. So I need to raise the Corbin ride height. Corbin fits only in at the low seat setting. Question: the dogbones on...
  18. McRide

    '04 Penske 8983 Rear Shock installed on a '13?

    The Penske site distinguishes between an 8983 for an FJR '01-05 then another model number for '06-12. Nothing for '13 and newer. I have an 8983 on my '04....... anyone know if it will fit onto a '13?
  19. McRide

    '13 FJR1300 in Montana....

    Short Version: I recently purchased a Gen III ’13 from Montana (Forum Member) as a step up from my older but Very Good condition ‘04. Advertised as Excellent Condition. Bought and Shipped to SoCal. 1st impression, very nice but (sinking feeling)… lots of damage not stated in the CL Post or...
  20. McRide

    2013 with Stiffy Kit .....and Smuggler?

    Can a Smuggler be installed on a 2013 with a Stiffy Kit? Hard to tell from Garauld's pics just how much the Smuggler footprint is impacted.