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  1. 08FJR4ME

    EOM, crickets

    Did anyone go? I don't believe anyone has posted up any info. Did I miss anything? Dave
  2. 08FJR4ME

    Bought another Yamaha

    It was on my bucket list. Now checked off. Dave
  3. 08FJR4ME


    Is it just me or has the FJR forum had an upgrade? Seem like you don't have to wait anymore. The board is reacting much faster on my end. Dave
  4. 08FJR4ME

    2019 FJR1300

    I believe its that time of year again when everyone is wondering what's new for the 2019 FJR. Let the comments begin.
  5. 08FJR4ME

    Givi V47 case Key issues

    Is anyone having issues with their Givi Key trying to open the case. I spent 5 minutes a couple of days ago trying to open the case and the Key wouldn't turn. Yesterday I tried again and it snapped a little bit but turned and I could open the case. This seems to be an on and off again problem. I...
  6. 08FJR4ME

    Will trade, any takers

    I have no association with this deal. Just thought I would through it out there. If the 2008 was in running order I would jump on it. Dave
  7. 08FJR4ME

    ABS light continuously flashing

    Ok, first disclaimer: I red several threads Second disclaimer: I went to You Tube 1) Turn the key on ABS light continuously flashes (WTF) 2) Try and start the bike and it won't start (2'nd WTF) 3) Turn the key on and off and it remains the same How come we don't get a dam ABS coupler with...
  8. 08FJR4ME

    Double post ignore

    Sorry for the double thread but the green thingy with the 3 white dots didn't show up so I hit the button again
  9. 08FJR4ME

    Went hiking Sunday with the Son and his girlfreind

    So we were walking along the gravel fire roads which run along the two lane country road. This is a section of curvy road well known for motorcycling. The whole time we hiked along the road it was Harley after Harley blapping the f'n pipes when they saw us. Reminded me of when we were kids with...
  10. 08FJR4ME

    backrest for the wife

    Well I finished another project for the 2015 FJR steamship. I needed another solution for the wife for her comfort. Yeh, she's spoiled. Truth is this keeps me from buying a stratoliner gold wing. Any way my yankee frugleness kicked in and this was all made from stuff I have around. Stainless...
  11. 08FJR4ME

    Rear oil vent replacement

    Not sure if anyone has done this. So today was maintenance day for the 2008 FJR. Started out just to replace both front and rear tires. While I had the rear tire off I decided to check the spline. I haven't looked at it since it was new when I put Moly D on it. That was about 90K miles ago...
  12. 08FJR4ME

    Trouble down shifting on the Gen3

    So I thought lubing up the linkage on the shifter might have been the issue. Seems as though it isn't going to be the cure. I have just over 1K miles on my Gen3 that I bought last fall. I mostly still ride my Gen2 bike. I am still farkling the Gen3 so I don't take it out that much. I did a ride...
  13. 08FJR4ME

    Let us not forget those who paid the ultimate price

    In honor of Sgt. James Regan 3/75 ranger battalion and also Pvt. John Henderson 3/75 ranger battalion and all those who have paid the ultimate price. My son served along side these gentlemen. Take a few minutes of your day today and give thanks for all our service members. Thanks, Dave
  14. 08FJR4ME

    Oil light staying on?

    I changed the oil last night in the bike. Took it to the post office about 3 1/2 miles up the road. About half way there I noticed the oil light was on. Bike was running and shifting fine. I pulled over and looked at the sight level and on the side stand it was on the low limit. If I stand the...
  15. 08FJR4ME


    Was there a forum outage today? I could not login for a couple of hours this afternoon. They could be playing games on my end also. They have blocked several sights in the last few months. Now they may be blocking the forum at work. I won't know until tomorrow when I try and login again. Dave
  16. 08FJR4ME

    My F-350 is pissing me off

    Everyone I talk too that owns one has had constant bad calipers going to shit. If that wasn't enough The engine shit the bed on me just before my vacation. I have 30K on the truck and it is a 2009. I change the oil as required. Seems as the though the cam sensor has now shit the bed and it is...
  17. 08FJR4ME

    Shift linkage lubrication

    Shame me if this has been brought up already. Since I don't remember ever seeing it, here goes. So today I removed the Gen3 side plate that the shift linkage is hidden behind. Now that I think of it maybe I should have put a hole through the side plate so I don't have to pull it apart again...
  18. 08FJR4ME

    Ambiant tempurature display?

    Can it be adjusted? Mine is always 2 or 3 degrees higher than actual. Yeh, I could do the math but would rather have it read the right temp. I am pretty sure it happens on both bikes. I haven't confirmed it yet on the 15 but I am pretty sure it's the same. Dave
  19. 08FJR4ME


    So I left the humble abode at 2:15AM on the way to Latrobe PA. I stopped in Latrobe for about 45 minutes and made the return trip back home in 11 hrs and 45 minutes. 1,142 miles start to finish. It's going to a rough day today but worth it. Oh I forgot, I was in the cage with a trailer in tow.
  20. 08FJR4ME

    Split: Yet More Off-Topic About Tires

    I am currently on my second season on the same set of PR2's. There is still plenty of life left to them. I don't plan on changing them until late fall or next year. These tires are phenomenal for wear here in flatistan. I am not keeping up with the mileage this year as last year due to plaguing...