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  1. Archer

    New from FL

    Welcome from the Pacific Northwest, mark us as a destination for your travels, and enjoy the Forum's resources! How bout' an amazing pic of your new ride? Thanks.
  2. Archer

    Sold 2007 FJR 1300 AE all upgrades are done.

    GLWS! Like your price point rationale. Maybe see you and your Gen 3 on Oregon roads soon. 🏍️
  3. Archer

    Blue Angels again!!!!! Penscola Beach summer show!

    Yesterday's cheap seats at Boeing Field.
  4. Archer

    New member

    Congrats on your new bike and welcome to the Forum. 🏍️
  5. Archer

    I forked myself.

    Morning, OKMurdog. I'm reading your posting and very interesting. Thank you. Question. Is the third paragraph telling what to do when fork is normal? Thanks for the solid idea. I may entertain, but am hoping to make it a Suspension shops' work-order; my little shop doesn't have room...
  6. Archer

    i made a fly screen

    The yard looks nice but get rid of sticker on gas tank 😜. Thanks for showing us your work.
  7. Archer

    Not a "Reuben Run" but "The Last Hurrah" - Labor Day Weekend 1-5 September 2022

    T-Shirt ordered Dinner paypal'd Room booked (expecting Harper to wanna share) Registered through portal, nice. cya guys and gals bout' <40 days
  8. Archer

    I forked myself.

    TADA! Panman talked me through the install of his loaner set of ExtremeMarine's forks. They're solid. Next is fixing the stuck tubes problem, attacking all forum suggestions until!! Thanks.
  9. Archer

    I forked myself.

    On my way to Panman's today!!!!! His bridging solution most generous. I'm also follow up with everything you guys threw at me, Mr. Auburn, Sunnyorlando, and all. Thanks
  10. Archer

    I forked myself.

    Indeed G and I emailed KFG per Bob's suggestion, and I'm talking w Panman in the morning. Thank you G and Ross and all.
  11. Archer

    I forked myself.

    Thank you G. I'll look as back-ups and then through the dot com resellers while finding a shop to compress tubes. Bob at SuspensionDR (Chehalis area) said he wont look at them for two weeks, smilingly it sounded but a last resort offered.
  12. Archer

    I forked myself.

    I removed my forks, dumped the oil, unscrewed RH tube internals complete, same with LH, and began to separate the outer tube from the inner tube. The lower bushings (and maybe middle) moved around and then jammed tight, leaving the tubes still connected but fully extended. This was my fault...
  13. Archer

    My worst ride to date

    Our Man Harper defined & refined the Hi-Viz + Topper as seen as Greg arrives La Pine, OR Sept 21' Hope you get that new bike soon!
  14. Archer

    Posting Photos - New Forum software (since late 2021)

    2022 Yamaha YZF-R1 60th WGP Anniversary edition 2020 Yamaha FJR1300ES 2003 Yamaha YZF-R1 Outstanding pic Torchsport! Now, insert your pic "full size" thanks
  15. Archer

    Road trips to Seattle from near Niagara Falls area, any one have preferred routes ?

    I'd like to weigh in on your hi-lighted routes and ask the question of Washington State FJRers' as to the value of including the loop of the Olympic Peninsula in your plans. My complaints are ferry crossings, single lanes, large animals, and cagers for the risk/reward equation. I also ask locals...
  16. Archer

    2009 FJR1300 - 10k Miles - England - UK

    Hi MadDogMcQ! I followed your request and visited your website. Worth It! And we now see how you made your 1300 graphics so nicely done. Thanks, Archer
  17. Archer

    Bike won't start, clicks very fast

    Can you, bryguy322, video this throttle attempt? That'd be cool when/if it works!
  18. Archer

    North American Wild Card Moto-Tag Game

    Here's my ante, I'm get back in the game...
  19. Archer

    Riding tutorial on how not to get shot in Plano, TX

    The vid poster(rider) claims outrage! I count 12+ mistakes made by rider, the first assuming he can be right and not-dead simultaneously. Incredibly, he's wrong and still alive. btw, what of the cager? Thanks for looking...
  20. Archer

    North American Wild Card Moto-Tag Game

    shot too soon, sorry. Trying to tie-in gov't town on Skagit river