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  1. roger dodger

    2015 FJR1300A

    Nice bike!!! My suggestion is ride a couple thousand miles before changing much of anything. That C90 and the FJR are so different it will take a few (long) rides to even figure out what doesn't hurt anymore.
  2. roger dodger

    Oil filter

    Choke... gasp... that's an $81 tool for oil filter removal?!?!?!? Now I think my expensive K/N filters are super frugal! YMMV
  3. roger dodger

    Other Drive Shaft Sport Tourers?

    BMW 1250 RT and BMW 1250 GS both work for Sport Touring. Remember ... Bring More Wallet.
  4. roger dodger

    Gen 3 or 4?

    Or get a 'cheap' 2013 and Flash it to have 3 drive modes AND unlimited cruise control.
  5. roger dodger

    Newbie needs help.

    I run 40F and 42R (+/- 1/2 a pound) and prefer Michelins above all others. They seem to cup less.
  6. roger dodger

    Picked up my new 2022 FJR

    Welcome back to the fold! I love that the K1600 didn't 'move your soul' like the FJR!!! I love my FEEEjer!
  7. roger dodger

    Have you seen me?

    Nice color scheme ... like a 2014 and a 2015 got a hookup! :D
  8. roger dodger

    Ivan’s Flash Tuning

    Technically ... the 2015 and 2013 s/b very similar (identical). They have the same engine, tranny, and mapping until 2016 when the 6 speed and the mapping may change after the 2nd gear recall. I got Ivan's Flash on my 2013 and I love it. I use his 3rd drive mode (normal ) and have an...
  9. roger dodger

    Goodbye Racheal

    So sad ... yet so true how this story hits us all. I lost my riding buddy last year to Covid ... sold both his 2 bikes this Spring... and now I wish I had bought 1 to remind me of him. At least you got the memories ... and his bike. Cherish them both!
  10. roger dodger

    Brother's done riding, need FMV for his bike

    God bless your brother ! It's nice to help each other out this way... I recently sold 2 BMWs for a lost friend. Advertised on CL. Asked a fair price and got em both sold. Now as I ride more this summer, I wish I had bought one for the memories of my friend. I suggest that buying his bike...
  11. roger dodger

    2022 knocked over

    Sorry about your drop. It reminds me of mine .... along a lonely 2 lane we stopped to rest on a group ride. I parked the FJR and went to visit ... and heard the THUD! It rolled forward slightly on a slope , because I didn't park it in gear. Big OOOPS! Maybe you did it too. Now I only...
  12. roger dodger

    Gen 1 vs Gen2

    The 07 is a beautiful dark red (which I love) vs the 05 is boring blue. However, the 06 and 07 were famous for jerky throttle response, and need a tamer or a flash, or ??? Possible Jbox recall too. 08 and up were smoother. I like the Gen 1s... 03 - 05 for being great out of the box. No...
  13. roger dodger

    Just bought a new 2022 20th Anniversary Edition ES...

    I love it ... It's not as hot as RED ... but not as cold as BLUE.
  14. roger dodger

    Minnesota FNG here.

    Welcome from Minnetonka! Lotta nice guys around here abouts ... let's ride ASAP!
  15. roger dodger

    New to the forum and to Fjr

    Bob, Do what I do ... Tell her it's economical transportation @ 45 mpg... We should ride it everywhere we possibly can! (esp in TN).
  16. roger dodger

    New to the forum and to Fjr

    Bob, Congrats on the 2013! Same year as mine. I'm 5'8" and 32" inseam... so we are different to be sure. The general consensus is DON'T change the bike until after you've ridden it a while.... you may get used to it/ adjust to it. That said, you have a tall torso so you will eventually be...
  17. roger dodger

    Still the BEST bike ever!

    OK... It's the best bike with Saddle Bags I have owned!!!
  18. roger dodger

    Trying to select an FJR Model

    Rollie, In a nutshell it's about which years (generations) not models. 2003 -2005 are Fast , light and simple (some don't have ABS). 2006 -2012 are heavier, 1 model (AE) has no clutch, but some recalls. 2013 + are current model. Model A has regular (better than usual) suspension. ES has...
  19. roger dodger

    Michelin Road 6GT

    And like others, the front starts to cup at about 1/2 life. I was impressed w/ PR2s. Loved my PR3s (sipes in the rain). Mostly have used PR4s for years now... and never had bad cupping like some mentioned. My thought is Michelins run soft on the sidewall, and benefit from a higher pressure. I...
  20. roger dodger

    Battery replacement

    FJRs like to have a fully charged battery for cranking it awake ... especially in the cold. If you want to keep your FJR a long time, put in a Yuasa replacement. If you want to trade in the next year or 2, put in a cheaper aftermarket AGM. It should be ok. YMMV