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  1. Bugnatr

    Oregon attitude adjustment

    My RR from the other sandbox.... I've been pounding the work hours the last 30 days, needed an attitude adjustment that a good ride will provide. I called my Minnesota hometown buddy Dale who's retired in Truckee and has a K16. Asked him if he had ever ridden the "box" of northeastern Oregon...
  2. Bugnatr

    Moto GP on NBCSN

    Just found out Qutar race is tonight 7:30  PT  on NBCSN  
  3. Bugnatr

    NAFO 2021

    August 26-29 Details in the other sandbox Here's the info but best to go to the link above. The venue is Carvann Inn a family-owned motel, pool, Continental Breakfast, Mexican Restaurant next door, other food within easy walking...
  4. Bugnatr

    Sunday ride, not to Costco

    JFrew and I will be meeting at noon Sunday under the cow at the Gridley fairgrounds entrance for a few hours riding and some bird watching in the north valley. Be there or be square.
  5. Bugnatr

    My son is at it again. Newest commercial now playing.

    Been a while since I posted any of his commercial work but this one is pretty cool. He's wearing the red sweater and has the most lines too!  Slowly getting back to work with the covid shut down in LA so he needs the cha-ching of a good commercial. Have you seen it? ...
  6. Bugnatr

    08 Goldwing and Bushtec trailer

    Combo sale 08 GoldWing airbag, navigation, abs, Utopia back rest, Windbender windshield, Baker air wings and more. Bushtec Turbo trailer with new bra,spar tire and owners manual. Bike has 106,xxx miles and runs just fine, all maintenance up to date. Almost new front tire and ct on the rear. New...
  7. Bugnatr

    Sunday Beldon Town ride

    Meet  9:45 at the Chevron off McKnight way in Grass Valley. Bring your own lunch etc plus the usual covid condoms and sanitizer....
  8. Bugnatr

    Slower...Very Dangerous

    My report from the other sandbox. Ken and I explored an area of the eastern side of the coastal range near the Mendocino Forest. Mostly occupied by cattle-perfect riding conditions! I believe I found my new favorite road on the way to Leesville Our route included back roads through...
  9. Bugnatr

    Sunday Jan 12th foothill ride

    Auburn at the  Foresthill exit chevron off I-80. 9:30 am. Riding the lower foothills to the valley in search of warmer air. Way better notification than OM would ever give.
  10. Bugnatr

    Yo Carver, another CBX?Just think...if you had 2

    Check out his fine ride. If you had 2 CBX's all your good FJR buddies could ride one of them with you on the other. Another forum perk, eh?
  11. Bugnatr

    Death Valley January 19

    My report from the other sandbox... Heading over Donner summit to Nevada and points south. Robert is checking on his DR650, darn good snow pack this year-eh? We made it to our cosmic destination Everyone ready to get dusty The Chloride Cliffs over look into the park. The boys on the big...
  12. Bugnatr

    Split: Off-topic about Nevada, Gears, and Other Stuff

    I assume you have never ridden in Nevada....
  13. Bugnatr

    Death Valley Dualsport or Street ride January 23-27

    Gregory, fJROB and I are hauling the dualsports down to Beatty, Nevada to ride the back country roads of Death Valley National Park. We would like to have other riders join us for fun, be it dirt riders or street riders as some of the best time is hanging with friends in the evening. DV is...
  14. Bugnatr

    Feather and Yuba River Canyons

    Two of my favorite motorcycle roads are within a day ride from home, so with a break in the weather I figured I'd ride one last time before old man winter really sets in. The route is best to ride up Hwy 70 along the Feather River to Quincy for lunch and back home via the hwy 49 along the Yuba...
  15. Bugnatr

    RTE Sunday Nancy's Elkhorn Family Lodge RR

    After a couple weeks of rain we had a break in the weather, what a beautiful day. Turnout was a bit low but the three of us (me, myself and I) had a really good time. With a chilly start to the day at 36 I was glad to have my Timmy's and hot Java while stopped in the Sutter Buttes. Nancy's...
  16. Bugnatr

    RTE Sunday Nancy's Elkhorn Family Lodge

    After 2 weeks of rain it's time for the valley ride. It's going to be a gorgeous day with clean air and snow cap mountains in the distance. Getting fuel at the Sam's Club in Yuba City around 8:45 am Sunday morning. Meet at the Carls Jr next to the Sam's station off hwy 20. KSU 9am Lunch...
  17. Bugnatr

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Sitting here next to a cozy fire in the wood stove and a cup of Joe this morning has me to thinking about 2018. What a year on 2 wheels and the folks who make our lives so much richer. I'll be posting this in both sandboxes. Back in April I hauled my KTM and KLR down to Carver's Honderosa for...
  18. Bugnatr

    Fall colors, no gas in Markleeville

    On my way home from Hooterville yesterday I rode through DV and up 395 to Monitor Pass. This is the week for the best fall colors on the eastern side of the Sierras, looking real nice FYI The gas pumps in Markleeville are not working.
  19. Bugnatr

    Diamond Z4 ring

    Watching Moto 2 on Bein sports tonight when a commercial comes on advertising the Z4 ring. Compares with a $30,000 diamond ring for $20.00 plus s&h. Hot damn, for 20 large I'll be in like Flint with my lovely wife ....until I read this on line review of the Z4 "Diamond Z4 Reviews " >By...
  20. Bugnatr

    Yamaha sucks

    Man, could it get much worse? At least Jorgeboy put Marc-e-Marc in second at Austria.