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  1. sullivan

    saddle bag mounting hole covers

    Have never bothered as the unplugged openings don't bother us. Run the cases 90% of the time.
  2. sullivan

    Parts source - bearings

    Ray, couldn't you have just brought some crude oil home for preventive maintenance? Alaskan is the best, right?
  3. sullivan

    PipeWerx slip-ons

    Pics will come in 4 weeks, SkooterG.  Glitch on my end with the credit card caused a delay, which has now given me the opportunity to upgrade to the carbon fibre. Reason why? None other than my son's smaller bike has c.f., so dads always have to look good to the kids.
  4. sullivan

    PipeWerx slip-ons

    Decided to try PipeWerx products this morning.  Ordered titanium oval slip-ons from this GB company.  Other than my cc not liking the overseas transaction, I was pleased with their website and big selection of FJR pipes.  I'll update as it happens.
  5. sullivan

    Steering Damper

    It's the rules at some sanctioned drag strips, plus at So it is not a "need" question or a bike.  It's a question specific to this forum.
  6. sullivan

    Battery pig-tail o.e.m. on '16?

    Some very good feedback.  As for gauge, I've always been a firm believer in thicker is better.  In construction, I'll always see someone add his/her extension cord to an existing one, without even thinking about what is upstream of that (Have to remember what the weakest link is.)  When I was...
  7. sullivan

    Battery pig-tail o.e.m. on '16?

    That's it.  I need to get an Eager Beaver installed before next season, so pigtail can go on at that time.  I might search for one that has thicker gauge wire, if it even exists.
  8. sullivan

    Battery pig-tail o.e.m. on '16?

    My 16 had a pigtail on the right side, tucked behind the side plastic.  Without taking side plastic off my 19, does it also have one?  My thought is that perhaps the dealer put one on the 16 to keep it charged on the showroom floor over winter.
  9. sullivan

    Dash Cam reccomendations?

    I'm looking into the Drift Ghost XL for riding.  No alarm feature, which you're looking for.  Multiple camera hook-up.
  10. sullivan

    Dash Cam reccomendations?

    I choked at the $300 mentioned but then remembered that my bike was backed into once this summer, then tipped over but neighborhood punks.  Now I'm going to follow this thread.  Downside is that I now cover the bike, against prying eyes.
  11. sullivan

    t-rex-racing >>back in stock

    Placed my order tonight as soon as the notification came.  The engine guard crash cages are back in stock, or at least two dozen of them.  Late this summer, we on the waiting list got cancelled as their quality control did not accept the last batch.  I'm happy to have waited if that means I...
  12. sullivan

    ALT for MC Enterprise Canyon Cages?

    My order of T-rex parts should be arriving in a few days.  Decided to keep the order domestic instead of waiting for overseas shipment.  Did the engine only, without luggage.
  13. sullivan

    Sliders & Cages for 1300 ES

    CC stopped operations at the start of '19, they just emailed me. Looks like it will be t-rex for the new bike.
  14. sullivan

    Which helmets fit saddle bags

    Long oval Arai Signet, plus my last Arai, has to face backwards, due to 64cm head. Have to push the last 1/4" to close and lock luggage. I'm fine with that.
  15. sullivan

    What do you do, Jack?

    My CalSci needed some muscle to bend/massage for screw alignment. It may give people the impression that it is made incorrectly. Only start the screws by a few turns, working from one to another, and then tighten each a few turns, then finish uniformly. The plastic film squares that were...
  16. sullivan

    2016ES - Vstrom Handguards?

    Okay, you all prodded me into it, finally. Very affordable way to keep my hands warm, even with heat setting on #3. Last November was a test, when your fingers are frozen after the 55 minute commute. Bike B----t price seemed a touch higher, plus the shipping, but I waste that much in beer all...
  17. sullivan

    Best Sirius XM Radio

    Going to follow this post. Wanted to get a 595 but disappointed about the discontinuance of XM. Not one to have a playlist of hundreds of songs, I rely on Pandora or my Silverado's XM, but would be happy with some FM, plugged into my helmet speakers. Need to get into a more modern era of...
  18. sullivan

    Steering Stabilizer

    Holy crap. Talk about a bunch of old wives crabbing about nothing. Found this old thread and almost nobody wants a damper. But the intent of the question was can it be done? That's all. Don't offer anymore g.d. unsolicited advice. Period. Specifically, did anyone think outside the box? Here...
  19. sullivan

    Auxiliary lights on Walmart

    2.3" perfect for front fender/fork, but who offers in a wider, fog pattern for conspicuity ? (by the way, that price is great)
  20. sullivan

    Dented rim

    Have you thought about putting on a new tire, as you can feel it at low speeds, probably damaged the cords/belts.