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  1. sullivan

    PIAA 85114 twin pack horns

    Finally installed one of the two horns. Now that Yam has value-engineered the previous years' two horns to a single, I still want to go for it and add the second horn to the circuit as is.  I can't recall from previous posts if the gen 4/3.5/late model already has a relay or different amp fuse...
  2. sullivan

    FJRF013 - Transmission Recall for Second Gear (DE, UK, CA, & US) (2016-2020)

    My dealer won't order parts until the bike is at the shop.  Common story I've read for others on-line.  Sounds like Yam protocol for this situation.  Me? I'm still riding and they can have the bike after autumn foliage season.
  3. sullivan

    FJRF013 - Transmission Recall for Second Gear (DE, UK, CA, & US) (2016-2020)

    Just write it off, Dave.  I feel your $$ pain.
  4. sullivan

    Pulling to the left

    Common question.  Seems the majority of responses typically say the bike drifts to the right.  Try as I might, on my third FJR, it just is not a "no hands, Ma" bike.  Probably all the geometry of the axle shaft in relation to the forks, and fork angle.  Oh, well, no biggie.
  5. sullivan

    Steering Fall Away

    As Ross said, 2.5 is too low.  Don't forget suspension settings per "forum" f.a.q. as it helps the bike quite a bit, compared to Yamaha settings.
  6. sullivan

    Shifting AE Smoothly and Hesitation at Low RPM?

    Treat it like any other bike. My 08AE did wonderfully at the dragstrip (and later).
  7. sullivan

    Bike Pulls to left

    Both of mine have always slowly veered. Not uncommon from what I've seen from other responses.
  8. sullivan

    2006 ES not shifting

    Very clear response, 12Tinker. Having had an '08, I'm aware of the need to monitor technicians who probably don't have any exposure to the AE system. Nice of you to give your feedback and experience.
  9. sullivan

    Hourly rates at dealer

    Thanks, BigJohn
  10. sullivan

    Hourly rates at dealer

    Not disparaging the charge. Just wanted an average. As I have to pay sub-contractors, as well as billing the customer, per hour in construction, I'm quite familiar with the people/companies who penny pinch don't know their ass from the elbow. Part of my brain resides in the old days of...
  11. sullivan

    Hourly rates at dealer

    Up to it, yes. Time available, being in the commercial construction field, zero, after my forgotten house chores.
  12. sullivan

    Hourly rates at dealer

    I've noticed that the dealer closest to me is charging $99 per hour for service. The other shop which isn't that much further away, I'll have to check pricing this week. Although some body panels and repairs will be covered by insurance, I'm not thrilled with that price looming in front of me...
  13. sullivan

    Vibration Survey for Owners of More Than One FJR1300

    '08 typical standard buzz around 4 or 4.2 as I remember. '16 better now but got a bunch after 5 recently when medium accelerating in town traffic and didn't feel motivated to shift. (p.s. the gear shifting clunk is gone and I don't miss it)
  14. sullivan

    Side Visor gets off @120 mph

    Threw me off. Had to reverse engineer the metric calculation to 208kph?? My late grandfather in Nova Scotia would be having a turd fit hearing that! And let's plug the reborn Portland to Yarmouth Cat ferry while I'm at it (CFR folks.....)
  15. sullivan

    Side Visor gets off @120 mph

    Boo. Of course the captive passenger loves it. LOVES IT! More power, Scotty.
  16. sullivan

    Sidecase Labels Fall Off

    My right sticker came off, in the sun, last weekend. As Carlson said, a little cleaner and fresh glue....maybe I'll do it before EOM
  17. sullivan

    What's the buzz, tell me what's a happening

    Had them on my '08. Satisfied.
  18. sullivan

    Split: Hollow FJR Axles

    Some strength of materials had been mentioned before, along with various steel specifications. Really, if the bearings are set to the outside, and the forks are as close as they are, I'm thinking if you are jumping the FJR (which we are not) and hitting hard, you'd worry about the shear...
  19. sullivan

    '06 AE Air Filter

    Now that it's apart, great time to find that local dealers don't keep item in stock! Good thing it's raining for a few days to allow garage time.