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  1. FJR Flyer

    Odd Diagnostic Codes

    Update: Changed out the TPS this morning. Checked the calibration against the original's: lower reading was spot on, higher reading was off by a few tenths of a percent. Took it for a test ride. Throttle is now back its buttery smooth goodness that Ivan's reflash brings. No more herky jerky...
  2. FJR Flyer

    Rip Van Winkle

    Man, you had my hopes up....there hasn't been a good dog pile in a long time.
  3. FJR Flyer

    Odd Diagnostic Codes

    Apparently the last part of the codes are in hex. But converting didn't really help. I pulled the plugs just to be sure and they were fine. I did a resistance check on the TPS per the FSM and got 0.85 KOhms. FSM says it should be between 1.2-2.8 Kohms. So that may be the problem. But you...
  4. FJR Flyer

    Odd Diagnostic Codes

    Thanks. I did the web look-up for the codes via the app and it came back with nothing. I'll take another look.
  5. FJR Flyer

    Odd Diagnostic Codes

    Well I took it for a ride after I cleared the codes, and the throttle response was the same, i.e., not good. But only one code returned, the P1EC3 code. Anyone have any experience with the GEN III OBD codes?
  6. FJR Flyer

    Odd Diagnostic Codes

    '16 ES.....I'll preface this with the note that this is first time I actually hooked up the OBDII adapter cable to the bike and attempted to read codes. I did read codes in DIAG mode on my '06 several times. Obviously a different animal. And I'm using a cheap bluetooth OBDII reader I got off...
  7. FJR Flyer

    IMS Cancels 2022 Shows

    Just got the email. Didn't go last year. They've really gone downhill. Wasn't sure if I would go this year, only reason I'd consider is was it was going to be near a buddy and was an excuse to ride for a visit. Dear IMS Fans, We have some news to share today with our IMS Family...
  8. FJR Flyer

    Parts For Sale FOBO BIKE2 TPMS Monitor System Sale

    I've got the FOBO on the '16 with metal stems. I had a similar system on my '06, originally with rubber stems. Was on the highway coming home from work one day and got a low pressure warning for the front, which was immediately noticeable. Luckily I was right at an exit. Front stem was...
  9. FJR Flyer

    FJR 1300 2016 - Throttle Linkage Issue

    Isn't it primarily a throttle-by-wire operation?
  10. FJR Flyer

    Parts For Sale S O L D Garmin Zumo 660 with 12 volt power supply S O L D

    Thanks, Barry. Always appreciate when folks look our for each other.
  11. FJR Flyer

    Gps Recomendations

    Following. Just tried to update maps on my TomTom Rider that I got dirt cheap on an Amazon sale several years back. They don't offer any combination of a reduced dataset for the maps that fit in the memory. So another example of 'lifetime' maps meaning the lifetime of the manufacturer's...
  12. FJR Flyer

    2007 FJR1300 AE 52,141 miles, question on recalls, service bulletins and running temperatures.

    Did the cluster issue affect the '07? I think it was an SB and not a recall. My '06 had it, the average MPG displayed was incorrect. Not that I ever used it. I still have a brand new fixed cluster in the box.
  13. FJR Flyer

    Beware the Brown Wire !

    Did they keep the old ECU? I'll buy it from you if you have it.
  14. FJR Flyer

    Water pump leaking

    Good luck. It can be tricky so probably the wise move.
  15. FJR Flyer

    Water pump leaking

    Replied to PM.
  16. FJR Flyer

    No helmet lock?

    So I replaced my Qwest with a GT-Air, which has a rachet buckle, no D-ring. Picked up a cable lock when I need to leave it on the bike.
  17. FJR Flyer

    RIP Earl Hayden

    Sad. RIP Earl
  18. FJR Flyer

    FJRF013.2: Recall ECU Reprogram (Post Trans Recall) (2016-2021)

    I hated the way the bike rode after the reflash. Fixed it all with Ivan's flash. I'm not giving Yamaha a second chance to screw it up.
  19. FJR Flyer

    ECU Reflash Question...Turned Rev Limiter

    Sent my ECU to Ivan a week ago today.  Out the door on monday, I had it back on friday.  Took a short test ride on saturday and a long ride yesterday.  Ivans reflash eliminated all the herky-jerky throttle response that appeared after the recall was done.  Nice and smooth throttle response, it...