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  1. RPrice

    A new kind of poser

    The Posers (mostly riding HD's) are thick these days, coming through Salmon. You know, when the temperature gets over 80 degrees they suddenly "hatch" and are all over the roads! Big swarms of them moving slowly and noisily! I'll have to watch out for the Brit Boys, if they venture this far...
  2. RPrice

    let's use our heads.

    Ray, sorry to hear of this. Man, there's been a bunch of motorcycle fatalities around south eastern Idaho during the past month. It's not good!
  3. RPrice

    Bustanut is at it again. In the Hospital

    Heal up Bust!!
  4. RPrice

    A good deal on Conti's

    Yes I have had experience with them. I would never buy another set!!! If you buy them, don't plan on any long trips!
  5. RPrice

    Proper torq. specs for oil drain plug..?

    Rexford, This forum has become so much kinder and gentler! A couple years ago anyone who brought up this subject would have been "dog piled" and nobody would have answered the original question. Instead, it would have been "kindly" suggested that the original inquisitor should google the...
  6. RPrice

    Proper torq. specs for oil drain plug..?

    +1 This value has always worked on my FJR.
  7. RPrice


    #2 coming up next year! I am currently on the 10 year "cycle".
  8. RPrice

    Radar detector

    +1, You summed it up real well!!
  9. RPrice

    Radar detector

    I keep thinking I should turn off X band on my detector too. But, a year ago there was an LEO in Mackay, Idaho that was using an X band unit, and in the two previous years I ran into one other and that was in Shoshone, Idaho. Anyway, it's sure rare to run into X band "guns", but I'm worried...
  10. RPrice

    Radar detector

    One more comment re: Passport 9500ix and their newest model the Passport Max is that these models have a GPS receiver that greatly reduces false alerts, along routes that you ride 3 times or more. It does this by "remembering" the exact signal and the location. If the same signal is at the...
  11. RPrice

    Radar detector

    Escort 9500 ix is pricey, but worth it. Can't count how many times this thing has "saved" me.
  12. RPrice

    The best farkle you ever had?

    +1, and add a Rifle windscreen
  13. RPrice

    Easiest oil change ever

  14. RPrice

    Best Mac Antivirus?

    +1, I'm also a new convert to Mac and ClamXav seems to be the most recommended anti virus soft ware. I've installed it on mine, no problems.
  15. RPrice

    Echo or Stihl

    +1 on everything you've said here! I started out with a Stihl 041 in 1981, and I still have it, and it still runs great. But the reality is there are far lighter and safer models available now. The older I get the the more I prefer light saws, with relatively short bars!! Without describing...
  16. RPrice

    A WestJet Christmas Miracle!

    Yeah it was, +100!
  17. RPrice

    Considering another FJR but have some questions

    Looking around on the internet, that seems like low average asking price for an 08.
  18. RPrice

    Considering another FJR but have some questions

    MCRIDER07, Thanks for your very complete response, and synopsis of the different time requirements and intervals for maintenance of the C 14 and the FJR.. Yes, I certainly agree with your observation, "All maintenance is a PIA for me and I only do it to save $$$." That's exactly the same for...
  19. RPrice

    Considering another FJR but have some questions

    First, I apologize if I've offended you as a proud and enthusiastic C 14 owner. The knowledge I have about the C 14 comes mainly from comments on this forum, some of them your comments about maintenance intervals, such as Factory recommended spark plug and valve check intervals. Like the...