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  1. RPrice

    Most HATED Farkle or Accessory

    Yeah, my Chatterbox "experiment" was a failure, worst farkle I ever bought. It functioned OK, but not enough volume at any speed over 40 mph. Plus, I got tired of people calling me on my cell phone when I was riding, it was distracting, and I usually had to slow way down, or stop, to hear.
  2. RPrice

    Got a motobike lift, finally

    I am so jealous................... I'll get me one someday!!
  3. RPrice

    Summer gloves

    I've been riding with the Aerostitch Elk skin for a couple years now in hot and cool weather, very comfortable!
  4. RPrice

    Best Options For Seat Cushions?

    Not sure if a seat cushion will solve a sore back. You might want to search the site for information on the "master yoda" position of riding the FJR, that information will probably help your back pain. You also may want to consider risers to raise your handlebars. With that being said, I used...
  5. RPrice

    Installing McCruise Cruise Control on 2007 AE

    Two years ago a forum member and I installed a McCruise on his 2007 FJR 1300 A model. We just proceeded slowly, step by step, and had it done in less than one day. When we tested it, it did not work, but we quickly discovered that the PO had installed LED tail light bulbs, and when these were...
  6. RPrice

    Russel seat height quick question...

    I am 6'2" with a 35" inseam. My RDL is in the high position (as was the stock seat), and I can attest that the RDL is definitely taller. As others have posted you quickly get used to "scooting forward" on the seat to put your feet down. Also, the RDL seat is so comfortable for distance...
  7. RPrice

    Air Compressor hookup to bike

    +1, But I wired mine through the fuze block, works good with slime compressor.
  8. RPrice

    CalSci vs Rifle windshield

    +1, I haven't either, but I occasionally get 50 mpg, driving slow at higher altitudes. But usually get around 40 mpg, + or -.
  9. RPrice

    CalSci vs Rifle windshield

    I have a rifle +5 in height, and +4 in width. I am 6'2", have 38 inch sleeves and 34.5 inch inseam. I have no experience with the Cal Sci, but they are favorably reviewed. I have had my Rifle installed for about 4 years, and it works extremely well, with excellent protection and no buffeting...
  10. RPrice

    Heated grips for 2006 FJR

    +1 I installed the Oxford Heaterz, about 2 months ago and they work great, cost about $100, as opposed to the OEM grips which cost much more.
  11. RPrice

    knowing what i know about gear Now, I would get this instead:

    'Stitch Roadcrafter..............the more miles I ride, the more I like it. I also have Olympic Airglide pants and a Joe Rocket Phoenix 2 jacket. They work great when it's really toasty. The Roadcrafter was initially uncomfortable in temps above about 75 degrees, but I researched techniques...
  12. RPrice

    Seats and seat covers please?

    +2 I also tried every other option, including a Sargent, used Corbin, air hawk pads, fleece pads, etc., spent lots of money. The build date for my Russell Day Long is June 13, I can hardly wait!
  13. RPrice

    What's your Feejer Gear ATGATT

    Arai Profile Helmet Aerostitch Roadcrafter, grey with silver ballistics Sidi On Road Gore Tex boots In real Hot weather Joe Rocket Phoenix Mesh Jacket Olympia Air Glide 2 pants
  14. RPrice

    TechSpec Snake Pads for Side Cases

    Yeah, I am "so ordering" these things.............................tomorrow. BTW, very happy with the Tech Spec pads for the tank on my '06. Excellent product.
  15. RPrice

    Acceptable Riding Footwear

    Sidi On Road Gore tex boots, great Motorcycle specific boots with an aggressive sole, and equally good ankle and shin protection. I've tested in most weather conditions, including hard rain and snow storms. Good grip, and absolutely waterproof.
  16. RPrice

    Head-Up Display for Helmets

    Very cool!! I suspect many riders would be interested. Despite the price tag!
  17. RPrice

    Aerostich Crash Tested Suit Report

    Man, thanks for posting your experience, and thank goodness you are OK. +100 to Pelican!! I am also going to stop bitching about how hot my 'stitch Roadcrafter is in the summer now!!!
  18. RPrice

    Anyone near St. George Utah wanna install an Audiovox Cruise for me?

    lacodfireman, Well, the forum member that bought the McCruise that we installed, had done a lot of research, and he felt they were a high quality unit that came well recommended. And like I said, it was "plug and play". You can read a lot about them on this forum: Copy this into Google...