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  1. sullivan

    Gen 3 or 4?

    Not to diss my 08, but my 16 and 19 even better.
  2. sullivan

    Trying to select an FJR Model

    The 08AE was my first. I don't see it as as much more complex. I'd buy another. Quite happy with it.
  3. sullivan

    Any Info on buying below MSRP?

    Discount??? Offer cash. That helped me.
  4. sullivan

    How Fast Can an FJR-1300 Accelerate?

    Good reading. Thanks.
  5. sullivan

    Saddlebag Screws

    Ha!  Ride it and park it.  Once a year wash, visible areas only.
  6. sullivan

    2020 FJR1300

    If to be USA only, does anyone have an inside source saying how many were produced for USA in 2019, or even 2018?  My gut says not enough to keep a model going strong in the future.  But then again, sales for other continents haven't been discussed, which would keep the numbers up to keep Yamaha...
  7. sullivan

    2020 FJR1300

    A version of loud pipes save lives.  Big dogs barking for the 2020 supposedly.
  8. sullivan

    6 speed tranny problems?

    Reading Warchild's response as a positive, nothing but positives here, as well.  As I've said before, easier to avoid any inherent buzz at 4200.
  9. sullivan

    2019 A tomorrow

    Residence, yes. Dealer is in Topsham.
  10. sullivan

    2019 A tomorrow
  11. sullivan

    2019 A tomorrow

    He personally installed the bridge on my 16 in the front lobby. Will be one of the first things I do on the new bike.
  12. sullivan

    2019 A tomorrow

    Non-ES at the dealer which I'm going to buy tomorrow (unless someone snuck in today to get it). To replace the 16 which replaced my 08. Anyway, 16 had damage from my driving error but then some knuckleheads tipped it over both ways to compound it. Thankyou, State Farm, for the check to...
  13. sullivan

    Am looking at a 2007 Why no Side Cases?

    Excellent investment for you. Keep searching!
  14. sullivan

    Dyno run on 107,000 mile 07 FJR

    Hot Dog! That's great! Glad the workhorse is still going strong and hasn't lost anything.
  15. sullivan

    Trading FJRs

    Having had an '08 AE, nothing wrong with you getting a fresher, the last of the model while it was still available over in the USA. If the money works and the mileage works, I equate it to trading newer with a truck, car, boat, etc.
  16. sullivan

    FJR ES on Gravel Roads, Suspension Setting?

    Don't overthink it anymore than you already have. No magic answer other than try the medium setting and brake for the crap sections.
  17. sullivan

    2018 seat?

    Gen 4 seat photos posted. Pans the same between stock and optional Comfort. Comfort is wider plus gel and nylon mesh is evident through the bottom breather holes.
  18. sullivan

    2018 FJR Details Released

    My thoughts today as we/she bought her a new Outback with 4 heated leather seats, etc. She's been very easy on me the past couple of days for damaging my '16 . Works for me.
  19. sullivan

    2014ES or 2016A?

    Had the standard wheels on the 08. My 16A, beg to differ, looks killer with black rims with the blue paint.
  20. sullivan

    2014ES or 2016A?

    Factory cruise control on '16. On the '14?