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  1. 101stpathfinder

    Help needed in Woodstock, GA area.

    My front wheel bearings went out just south of Chattanooga. I made it to Woodstock.
  2. 101stpathfinder

    Interstate End To End Rides Part 2

        I will be riding out Saturday morning (8/14) to attempt the remaining interstate rides from the IBA list I hope to ride down to Miami to start the I-95 ride at 7 am. I will attempt a counter clockwise "Box" around the country. I-95 Miami, FL to Houlton, ME  /  I-90 Boston, MA to Seattle...
  3. 101stpathfinder

    Los Angeles Traffic Advice

    I will be southbound on I-5 on a ride that I cannot bypass I-5 at all. The starting time that I am considering has me hitting LA at 8 pm on a Thursday. I am not real experienced at lane splitting. Can someone give me some advice on traffic congestion times and  duration of delays… Thanks, Tony
  4. 101stpathfinder

    Interstate End To End Rides

       I will be leaving out this Saturday morning to attempt 7 Interstate End To End rides in the context of a 10/10ths. Going to be attempting I-75 / I-94 / I-15 /I-40 / I-20 / I-25 / I-35 Somewhere in between the I-25 and I-35 rides, I should hit the 10k mark for a 10/10ths. A Quick visit to...
  5. 101stpathfinder

    Hoagy's Heroes Insane Ride Week and 12 Hour Rally

    I started riding long distance back in 2009.  The ride that intrigued me was the 100CCC, it was being sponsored by an organization called "Hoagy's Heroes" The ride was so wonderful and adventurous that it began my journey. Its been nearly 600,000 miles since then, but that ride stands out as one...
  6. 101stpathfinder


    Saturday I finally spooned on a car tire. I am pleasantly surprised at the handling.
  7. 101stpathfinder

    Face shield / Windscreen Cleaning

    To some it may seem trivial, but I thought I’d post up this option for anyone looking for a cheap solution. Bike shops will sell little 2 oz. bottles of cleaner. Over time the cost adds up. My solution was to save the containers and refill them. I searched for a product until I found one that I...
  8. 101stpathfinder

    LS2 Valiant 2

    I have always enjoyed the Shark Evoline (1-3) and owned 4 of them. I am currently shopping helmets and I am torn between the Shark Evo One 2 and the LS2 Valiant 2. Does anyone have experience with the LS 2 or better yet, experience with both models?
  9. 101stpathfinder

    2nd FJR Hits This Milestone

    Well SkooterG has TRIED to hit this mark on his OD (With mixed success according to his avatar) Yesterday I was able to nail it on my 2nd FJR. The ‘05 and ‘08:
  10. 101stpathfinder

    Display Question

    I have a ‘08 FJR (Gen 2) Is there anyway possible to get the display to show the temperature gauge In Celsius and have the odometer display remain in miles? If so, How?
  11. 101stpathfinder

    Klim Traverse

    I Found a great deal on Klim Traverse pants and/or jacket. Its the previous model (Which in my opinion) has some better features then current models. $200 Jacket $200 Pants Add about $30 for tax and shipping (Still a great deal) @ the Rigby, ID Klim store
  12. 101stpathfinder

    Ride planning/ Help needed

    I am considering another attempt at the “Deca” (10 consecutive BBGs) Last summer I failed when I attempted the ride at the beginning of my longest month ride. The weather was extremely terrible for the first 5 BBGs. When it cleared up on day 6, I felt smug thinking the ride was in the bag. Day...
  13. 101stpathfinder

    Mileage Maniacs

    Last year I joined this charity and really recommend it for all. Fun competition for a great cause: Sign up is with Jason Jonas
  14. 101stpathfinder

    Wheel compatibility

       Alright... according to Iggy’s chart, from 2008-2020 the wheels are listed mk3 (?) Has anyone had any first hand experience in trying to interchange between years? I have an ‘08 & ‘09, and I am wanting to find out if they are compatible with my ‘18(?)   Is there any risk of damage in...
  15. 101stpathfinder

    To Christmas On Christmas

       I sat around the house feeling lonely until mid morning when I hopped on the bike and headed out.  I decided not to do any of the IBA Christmas rides. Just to make sure that I wouldn't change my mind, I left the RDL in the garage.  I headed north on I-95 until I came to State Road 50. I then...
  16. 101stpathfinder

    Flying To St. Louis Tomorrow

       Tomorrow morning I will be flying to St. Louis to pick up my ‘18 FJR.  This will be my 1st new bike since I was 17 years old and bought a brand new 1979 Suzuki GS425E.   I will be riding it home to Florida via non- interstate roads. I hope to get an idea for a route on the flight there. I am...
  17. 101stpathfinder

    Big As Texas Event

    Is anyone here planning on attending? Any Senior Butt Riders ? I am planning on doing a BBG there (Also one on the return) I am planning on attending the banquet too. I have not heard any mention of it on this forum. Be nice to see some FJR riders there.
  18. 101stpathfinder

    Help needed in Georgia

    Sunday again, and I have a flat on the trailer. It seems to be with the valve stem. Could use a place to drop the trailer until I can recover it next weekend. Or a tire shop that is open on Sunday... I am north of Atlanta moving very slowly south.
  19. 101stpathfinder

    Help needed in Nebraska

    I am 25.7 k into the longest month. Here I sit in western Nebraska with my bike In pieces at a rest stop. Problem is front brake side wheel bearings... casing and wheel bearings are shot. Anyone close by with a solution?
  20. 101stpathfinder

    Bakersfield to Fortuna

    I am routing from Texas to stage for the "Cape to Cape" ride. The router keeps wanting me to go 99 from Bakersfield to Sacramento before hitting I-5. Then it routes me to SF to hook up on 101 to Fortuna. It seems for a few extra miles, I should take I-5 all the way to Red Bluff, then head west...