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  1. erixun

    Ray Slocomb, FjRay - Now on second honeymoon with Patti

    Late to the notice, haven't been on the forum for a long while. RIP Ray, met you at a couple of rides.
  2. erixun

    Still kicken

    I am still around - still have my 2008 that has never let me down. I just have been really busy... got promoted to Lt, sold a house, lived in a rental during the pandemic while trying to build a new house, built a new house, moved again into the new house, had a couple of grandkids... waaa waaa...
  3. erixun

    Rendezvous at Red Lodge 2020 June 25th - 28th, 2020 - It's a Wrap!

    My boss just announced that he is retiring at the end of next month... it is not looking good for me with vacation time... we will see if it gets cancelled or not.
  4. erixun

    Rendezvous at Red Lodge 2020 June 25th - 28th, 2020 - It's a Wrap!

    WTH? I am still not on your list... I am in room 216... bringing my brother...
  5. erixun

    Official Rendezvous at Red Lodge #2 Sign up Thread

    SIgn me up. I have my reservation. My brother is also attending with me
  6. erixun

    Rendezvous at Red Lodge 2020 June 25th - 28th, 2020 - It's a Wrap!

    I am still planning on getting up there to this one, bringing my brother. (Just confirming for headcount as well)
  7. erixun

    Rendezvous at Red Lodge 2020 June 25th - 28th, 2020 - It's a Wrap!

    Yep, call and book your room - unless you will be staying with someone who has already booked one.
  8. erixun

    Festar is "In the House"

    Good to talk to you the other day! Tell John Hey, will be tracking your trip, and hope to buzz up to see you on your return from Alaska!
  9. erixun

    Rendezvous at Red Lodge 2020 June 25th - 28th, 2020 - It's a Wrap!

    Condo booked. Taking the week off prior as well, going to be nice long FJR week of riding...
  10. erixun

    Return to the Black Hills or Red Lodge in June 2020?

    My brother finally got an FJR, so I will be trying to get him to take a week or so off and we will be there, depending on dates. He has to put in for vacation by the 23rd of this month for the full year, so depending on which dates you end up with, I'm in!
  11. erixun

    Origin of your forum name?

    Erixun is hooked on phonics for my last name, Erickson. Not very original, and not 'Erection' like BigJohn likes to say it says...
  12. erixun

    North to Alaska 2019 - Once there were Twenty now there are SIX

    Maybe one day I will be retired and be able to go ride for a few weeks on end... looking forward to ride reports.
  13. erixun

    Reuben Run 7

    Of course. Work. I will not be able to attend this year. Things keep getting in the way... I now work Friday and Sunday - Sorry - so there is now a King Size room that is available as it was just released. Totally bummed...have one for me. Ray - just keep the $ for the meal I purchased to...
  14. erixun

    Cardo Packtalk Bold - Testing in progress!

    I recently rode with Festar and his Cardo - I have the older SMH10 - we had to use the bluetooth connection and drop one of his bluetooth channel to his phone. In the end, yes it worked, however on my end he was REALLY quiet. I suspect it was a SMH10 problem not a Cardo problem. At times I could...
  15. erixun

    Black FJR1300 for U.S. market

    Doesn't matter, just buy a rattle can and go to town. Or leave it, cuz chicks dig scars....
  16. erixun

    Cardo Packtalk Bold - Testing in progress!

    I stand corrected on the price - for two that is not that bad... I just did a quick search and did NOT read the details like a dumbass. I think I will let you beat some up a bit, and then pick your brain on whether I will upgrade.. but I am a gadget nerd, so I probably will do it before the Sena...
  17. erixun

    Cardo Packtalk Bold - Testing in progress!

    Holy St they should be better than the Sena 20... A quick search says they go for about $450 - $500.... Where as a Sena 20s is $250... and a Sena 10 is $150. I think I will just put that money into fuel.... and keep my reliable Sena 10. Hopefully they come down a bit.
  18. erixun

    Reuben Run 7

    Alas, it will only be I who arrives.
  19. erixun

    50th BBG Attempt Tomorrow

    Congrats on 50!