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  1. Silent

    Epic fail. - Need to pull the head -

    Can you pull the head on the gen 2 without dropping the motor? I screwed up putting intake cam in, used the wrong alignment marks, and I'm prity sure I bent a valve doing it.
  2. Silent

    Gen 2 ECU

    Anyone have an ECU from a scrapped Gen 2 laying around? Awhile back my recalled ECU died. I replaced it with the pre-recall ECU and all is well, except now I have the "altitude sickness" again, and since I've already been recalled, the only option is to either find a used ECU that's post...
  3. Silent

    Air flow sensor test

    Is there a test for the air flow sensor? I've been having problems of late with my '07 FJR. It's running like the choke is still on while taking off from a stop. Even after the idle has dropped and theres 3-4 bars on the temp display. It hesitates and sputters badly and occasionally dies. It's...
  4. Silent


    I just scored a 2006 vinyl Yamaha promotional poster for a 2006 FJR. It was just hanging out in the back 40 of a friends dealership. I spoted it and mentioned it, and he asked if I wanted it for my 'man cave', so I HAD to snap it up :yahoo: I'm going to have to rearange some to display it a...
  5. Silent

    My GPS died

    My touch screen on my Garmin died today, and I have no idea what people are using for GPS anymore. All I really ask is that it has a USB port, and audio out so I can use my XM puck. Any sugestions that won't break the bank? $650 seems a bit stiff for the Zumo 550.
  6. Silent

    Battery Tender Pro

    I'm more than a little miffed at the moment. Last night i connected my battery tender pro to the XS1100 to top off the battery. This morning when I went to start the bike, nothing. Not even power lights. The battery was 100% flat. Tonight I hooked up a different charger and nothing. Jump started...
  7. Silent

    Leaking caliper and Y.E.S.

    My right front brake caliper is leaking, I know it's going to need to have the seals replaced. I was just curious if Y.E.S. would cover that. I know the parts are only $25 or so and not that hard to replace, but since I payed for Y.E.S. shouldn't I at least use it once?
  8. Silent

    PC3 maps

    Rayban use to host the PC3 maps, but I've been unable to find a link to his site. I lost my laptop (blew up) and with it I lost my maps. So who's hosting the gen 2 maps now? Searched both Google and site, and I've been unsucessful. Thanks guys.
  9. Silent

    Brake master cylinder & lever

    Anyone have a stock master cylinder and lever hanging around? One of the rigs going to the bone yard maybe? I'm thinking I could use it on the XS to try and achieve a little more front brake feel. The stock master cylinder on the XS is lacking big time. That and I think the adjustable levers on...
  10. Silent

    TUFF SHED Ranch Garage

    My house doesn't have a garage. It does however, have a pad for one. I've been considering building a 2 car garage for years but have never gotten anywhere with it. Then I find a 20' x 24' prefab, installed and painted for around 10 grand. I dont' really see a down side, other than spending a...
  11. Silent

    Thinking of painting the XS

    My first poll, hope I did it right :P What color would you choose? The general color, not nessissarily the exact shade. I'm kinda leaning twards the green myself. Maybe a nice forest green or something. Just thought I'd toss this out there and see what other people think.
  12. Silent

    New boy in the house

    My nutjob Alex just got himself an older brogher Alex - 2 yr 45 lb Aus. Shepard/Lab/Chow mix Burns - 6 yr old 57 lb Shepard/Chow mix "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war"
  13. Silent

    I need a favor in ElCajon, CA

    Not sure where to put this, so I'll just park it here. There's a set nice of Dyna Glyde mufflers on Craigslist in San diego that I could use for my XS project, my turnouts are way to loud. Problem is, I'm up by San Francisco. I'm looking for someone down there to act as a middleman to purchase...
  14. Silent

    Exhaust to loud?

    Does anyone have a trick or tip on making an after market exhaust quieter? My stock cans were damaged pretty bad astetically, and I decided to change them out for a set of shiny slip ons from a Suzuki Blvd. It turns out that the slip ons are a lot louder than I'd anticipated. I'd considered...
  15. Silent

    Custom seat shop

    Anyone have a line on a place that can go from pan to full seat in the Bay Area? I don't need a full on custom like a Russel. I thought there was a place in Coyote that did that, but I can't remember the name of the place
  16. Silent

    Wanted: Throttle Tube

    Anyone want to toss there old throttle tube my way? I'm thinking I could use it on the XS since the stock tube for that bike is to short for most grips. With the sheer number of G2 tubes being used on the FJR's, I figgure there should be plenty of take off's :P
  17. Silent

    Electrical Problems

    Ok folks, here's a good one. This morning on the way to work, a car pulled up in a driveway like he was going to pull out. I fired off my FF50's as a warning (tied into my high beams). After about a second, the bike stumbled badly, my alarm chirped a few times, and all kinds of wierdness. I've...
  18. Silent


    I've downloaded the manual for the SmarTire unit, and they list the demensions as 2 1/2 x 1 5/8 x 1. Kinda hard to tell by the pic if it's 2 1/2 wide, or 1 5/8 wide since it's a skewed pic but I "ass-u-me" that it's 2 1/2 deep. Anyone have a definitive answer?
  19. Silent

    WTB Ram Mount

    Found this on, but there's no way in hell I'm going to pay more for shipping than the part is worth. Anyone have a spare one? I'll pick up if it's fairly local. Thanks Clickie
  20. Silent

    WTB V46 Document holder

    I've decided that I actually do want the Givi document holder for my V46. The only place I've found one so far is in Canada, so before going that route, I thought I'd try here. Anyone have one they removed that they want to part with? I could use the mounting screws as well B)