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  1. OCfjr

    Rider needs tow assistance south of Eugene

    Who has a rear tire that can get it to the Marriott Space center in Huntsville tomorrow?  A FJR rider needs a tire.  Not sure if he will get it sorted before getting to the checkpoint.  PM me if you have options.
  2. OCfjr

    **SOLD** 2011 Rear FJR Wheel - COMPLETE **SOLD**

    ******************** SOLD at asking price ****************** Complete rear ABS FJR wheel that came off a 6k mile 2011 FJR1300A. $350 with free shipping in CONUS. It has a NEW wave brake rotor, and NEW ABS sensor ring & bolts. Note the ABS sensor style to make sure it's compatible with...
  3. OCfjr

    Dump the Software, NOW

    Look, I do appreciate all the work that goes into this forum and all the work the admins do, but shit can the current software and at least go back to the last gen. I am so tired of having edits screwed up, piss poor slow posting and complete crap of you're not allowed to use that extension for...
  4. OCfjr

    Wiring Diagram needed for 2013 FJR

    Ok, before you tell me to just buy the FSM, I'm adapting a '13 FJR's left side switch housing to a Super Tenere. The primary reason for doing so is to gain the CC features that I intend to mate to a Rostra aftermarket CC. I have the switch housing and have mapped the wire colors, but could use...
  5. OCfjr

    North American Wild Card Moto-Tag Game

    This doesn't really fit any category, so I started it here in Fun Stuff and the Mods can move it if they feel the need. For all of you looking for a little something different- For a reason to go riding that can be down the street, or as far as you want it to be -- Here is a game that you can...
  6. OCfjr

    Seven-Eleven Ride May 11th, 2012

    The Big Money Rally is hosting a special ride to generate funds for the American Diabetes Association on May 11th, 2012. It will be a 700 mile dedicated route that starts in Salt Lake City, UT and ends in Minden, NV. There is bound to be a little fun in SLC the night before and after the ride...
  7. OCfjr

    2004 Shop Manual For Sale - SOLD

    2004 Yamaha Shop Manual with ABS supplemental Manual. $60.00 SOLD The rest of the parts have been sold. Thanks!
  8. OCfjr

    Gen I Farkles & Goodies For Sale

    These are parts I've pulled off my '04 ABS bike. Prices do not include shipping. Only item left: OEM Bar ends - $5 No rash, but not perfect either.
  9. OCfjr

    New Year's Day RTE

    Just in case some of you in the PacNorWet were waiting for it, planning on it or needed some excuse for a New Year's Day ride... Here it is! LINKY
  10. OCfjr

    Stator Armor

    Note that the below item didn't pan out, but the poll is still of interest. 12/10 The last time I crashed I had a Geelong Carbon Craft Engine armor piece installed over the stator. I lowsided at ~35 mph and it ground through the carbon fiber, the kevlar reinforcement underneath that, the...
  11. OCfjr

    Stator Cover Info Needed

    Gents and Ladies, I'm in discussion with a company that makes armored engine case covers and need to know if the stator covers on the different Gen FJRs will interchange. I know they have two different part numbers, but the engine is essentially the same, so my suspicion is that the different...
  12. OCfjr

    1903 Colt Pistol Restoration

    If you appreciate attention to detail work, machining or gun stuff, you might enjoy this read. A friend of mine is a gunsmith and is doing some restorationrepair work on a 1903 Colt pistol. Linky
  13. OCfjr

    FJR Lite w/6-speed

    So, you always wanted a 6-speed? Really feel the FJR is great, but would be even better if it was lighter? Still feel that chain drive is the best way to transfer power? But you do want all that great storage space and some decent fairing protection? You can't buy it in the US, but Yamaha...
  14. OCfjr

    Penguin Toss Game

    Give 'er a toss. Best I did was 449.08 (went back for more) Best hang time - 1915.95 total moment!
  15. OCfjr

    Darkside FAQ

    This thread will be just facts and answers to frequently asked questions. As time allows I will add more data. The hope is that it will provide a useful primer for anyone interested in running a car tire on the back of their FJR w/o them needing to wade though the nearly 4000 posts, (as of...
  16. OCfjr

    IBR Failures

    Just heard from Jerry White, FJR rider in the IBR. His Electrosport stator fried on the way to the start in Spartanburg. Fortunately for him, he had the prescience to have a stock stator and gasket on hand and has made repairs and is back in action, ready for the start.
  17. OCfjr

    Mod to keep AE button shift activated on start up?

    I searched, and searched, and google searched and just couldn't find this. I recall someone figured out how to either keep the AE in button shift mode, or do some wiring mod that allowed the AE to go into button shift mode upon key on w/o the rider going through the normal motions. This came...
  18. OCfjr

    CFR Rally shirt for sale

    Due to the SO not going to CFR, I have a beautiful CFR Rally shirt in Ladies XL that I can't wear and it needs a home. Original cost was $40. I'll sell it for that and include shipping to the lower 48. Best if you actually went to the rally, but hey, I'm not going to sweat that issue. PM me...
  19. OCfjr

    Thanks Bustanut Joker

    Just wanted to give Bustanut a public shout out for not only making some fantastic laser cut wood plaques for CFR, but for donating them to the event as well. These were auctioned off for the local food bank charity, (who received $1100 from CFR's auction!). The bidding was strong on the first...
  20. OCfjr

    Low compression on 90k motor

    A while back I posted about my low compression and "worn out" motor, what Yamaha had told me and what the techs were telling me. With suggestions from the list I did some decarbonizing routines and oil changes, but to no avail, the compression continued to fall at approx. 5 psi per 1k miles...