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  1. puppychow

    North Coast with Super Doug..

    Here is Version 2 of the ride report. The previous one was a bit unbalanced in it's irreverence, so I removed it. Dougie and I talk a lot of shit on the comms when riding - 99% of which is unpublishable. I had reached out to Doug on Wednesday about a day ride over the weekend, the response was...
  2. puppychow

    Bucks lake is still not open but...

    ... you can still ride it. Sorry no pics, so I suppose it didn't happen...
  3. puppychow

    Six county ride.

    Never mind. This forum software doesn't like to play. Here is the blog post instead... See ya later!
  4. puppychow

    RTE - Elk Creek, CA (02/03/2018) Weather permitting.

    Lunch at the Elk Creek Cafe. Ride in groups or ride alone the route and pace of your choosing. Ride safe. Weather permitting, of course. More details as they develop. Hope to see you there. IN: puppychow Bug, and Mrs Bug.
  5. puppychow

    Went for a ride, had a good time.

    Also on the blog.. ..or read on below. Dougie was there too - teaching me how to ride in the dirt and gravel. We only did a small section of dirt.The V-strom did pretty good in that gravel. The...
  6. puppychow

    If you don't make it - can I have your bike?

    I will keep this pithy. Not because I don't have a lot to say, but because I don't have a lot of time, and besides since this all happened in July - I have forgotten half of the f*cked up things that were said and/or done on this trip, and the half which I do remember - can't be put in print...
  7. puppychow

    Split:Off-topic about forum management

    Since it was brought up in this thread/discussion that Google Photos is not a viable option to photobucket or flickr for posting images on this forum or other forums. I tried to test posting from Google Photos, and was going to post the instructions for others to do so, if it worked. Admin...
  8. puppychow

    Indian Summer in Big Sur.

    A short ride report from December of 2016. Little did I know at that time, that it will be a while before I would get to ride that stretch of highway - like I usually do. Granted, it could be a silver lining, in that there are now opportunities to enjoy it via other inlets into the area, so I...
  9. puppychow

    Banff and Jasper July 2nd to July 9th.

    Planning a trip to Banff and Jasper in July. Leaving home here in CA on July 1st, and have to be back home by July 11th. Should be in Canada on probably July 2nd and then cross back into the USA on July 9th. Any local knowledge shared w.r.t roads, attractions, food, etc etc will be greatly...
  10. puppychow

    Glacier National Park in the rain.

    A blog post 3-1/2 months in the making because I haven't had the time to write, and when I did find a bit of time, I lacked the inclination. This was written in bits and pieces over 90+ days. Hopefully, it is not too pedestrian, or disjointed, and still enjoyable. Cheers...
  11. puppychow


  12. puppychow

    Off to GP Suspension I go..

    Getting the FJR forks re-serviced. Also, getting the DL1000 forks upgraded with their springs and re-valve kit, and the Wilbers Racing rear shock serviced there as well. Had everything off and was going to ship everything down there, but put the forks back on the FJR and decided to ride the FJR...
  13. puppychow

    Sometimes you have to leave the ground - to fly!

    I have always maintained that riding a motorcycle is the closest you will ever get to flying, without ever leaving the ground. Although, sometimes - you have to, and it is definitely very OK to float off the ground, and soar into the sky! This occasion was my big four-O! Life supposedly begins...
  14. puppychow

    St. Helens and Rainier: The Pacific Ring of Fire - Part 3.

    The conclusion of the 3-part story of the Pacific Ring of Fire tour, in the link below. Perhaps in the future there would be additional parts to this story. Up to Alaska, and down through Mexico, maybe even farther. Perhaps some day. I am hopeful...
  15. puppychow

    Mazama, Sisters, Bachelor, Hood: The Pacific Ring of Fire - Part 2.

    The second portion of a rare (anymore) strike north on my motorcycle. It's been about 2 weeks since the first installment, I have been slammed at work, but managed to piece together a hopefully not disjointed narrative, in bits and pieces, a few stolen minutes here and there, over several days...
  16. puppychow

    Lassen and Shasta. The Pacific Ring Of Fire - Part 1.

    The first portion of a journey north, almost 4 years (to the day) in the making. 4 years - for a lack of time, definitely not lack of intent or motivation. Re-tracing my steps on a solo motorcycling adventure, stringing together volcanoes - active, dormant, and extinct. Spending quality time...
  17. puppychow

    Getting Out .. To Anywhere - Touristy Images of Yosemite Valley.

    A couple of weeks ago, thanks to my good friend Albert - I had the opportunity to once again camp in the paradise called the Yosemite Valley. I haven't been writing much on my Moto blog recently, because even though I have been enjoying day rides on the weekend, I haven't really been going...
  18. puppychow

    Your thoughts on the Held Arctic Gore-Tex Gloves?

    After much research, including looking at the Held X-Trafit line of gloves (I hated their wrist closure - not enough velcro and wrist closures are important - they are what keep the glove on your hand in the event of a get-off), I narrowed it down to this one: I was looking for Gore-Tex because...
  19. puppychow

    The sun also rises in winter.

    I hope you enjoy the images that follow. I am going to be writing less, so I have the time to ride more this year, but I am hoping the images will convey more than my words could manage or hope to. Happy New Year! Link below...
  20. puppychow

    Best Black Friday Deals - 2015!