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  1. RPrice

    Saddlebag Scuffs

    +1, Nice!
  2. RPrice

    happy happy happy

    You'll like that '06! Congrats!
  3. RPrice

    Can "tallish" people ride an FJR comfortably?

    +1, I'm 6'2" with a 35" inseam. 1.5 inch bar "risers", and an RDL seat (in high position). Works good, for 40k miles, so far.
  4. RPrice

    Holland Police riding FJR's

    Yes, I noticed the FJR's during the procession on TV. The riders look very sharp!
  5. RPrice

    Creative Solution to Aging Gen 1 Issues

    Congrats, beautiful bike, and now I'm thinking I too, need to start saving up!!
  6. RPrice

    Committed to Purchase My First FJR Today

    Congrats on your new ride, should be a fun trip home!
  7. RPrice

    Need new underwear and a windshield

    Thanks for posting this, and I'm very glad you're OK!! I'll be checking all the fasteners for my +5 +4 Rifle this AM!!
  8. RPrice

    Best FJR mileage ever

    On a recent (last week) trip to southern UT, my buddy riding a Yamaha Stratoliner (holy shit those things are big!) and me, on my 2006 FJR averaged 50 mpg on several fairly curvy, long distance stretches of road. For sure, our average cruising speed was lower than normal, over those distances...
  9. RPrice

    New ES is home

    Here's a pic of Kevin's new ride via Photobucket He sent it to me attached to an E mail on May 19, reportedly just after getting home with it. Don't worry Kevin, I've got you covered! (Apparently an I Pad is capable of E mailing pictures.)
  10. RPrice

    Happy with your "fuse-block" location?

    Like many others,I have my fuse block mounted in the tail section with the tail light for switched power. No problems with wiring going between tank and heat shield. It's been set up this way for three years, and no issues. I did not use a ready to go harness. Hope this helps!
  11. RPrice

    First FJR

    Congrats on your new ride, you're gonna love it. Maybe we'll see each other on the road sometime, we don't live too far apart, and I ply the roads of western MT a lot during our short riding season.
  12. RPrice

    Looky what I just bought (Pic's Inside)

    Congrats on your new ride!! You live in some great, nearly year round, riding country!! I know, as I lived in St. George for 23 years. Have fun!!
  13. RPrice

    purchased 2006 fjr today

    He already has one, refer to first post in thread.
  14. RPrice

    purchased 2006 fjr today

    I have a 34" inseam too, and like the seat in the high position. I installed handle bar riser blocks to make things a bit more comfortable, you can find lots of info. on handlebar adjustments by searching the forum. Good Luck!
  15. RPrice

    purchased 2006 fjr today

    You'll be fine with the plan you've outlined, leave the PC hooked up and get the G2. I don't have a Power Commander, but I get along OK with the G2. I just have to concentrate hard when twisting the grip out of a corner, that I don't give too much. Basically the stock throttle "shuts off" the...
  16. RPrice

    purchased 2006 fjr today

    +1, I got a real good deal from state farm for "bundling" everything together.
  17. RPrice

    Cycle World Comparo

    I think it's amazing that the BMW K 1600 GT is apparently now considered a "sport tourer". Pretty soon the Honda F6B will be one too!!!