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    Rear shock -- 2013

    I'm replacing the rear shock on my 2013 with an OEM shock. The new shock had Hard/Soft adjuster attached, but the cables were not in the brackets (A and B). I set the cables in place and adjusted as much slack out as I could, but even with the nuts turned as far as I can (B), I still have...
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    2013 in Arkansas

    My bike is pretty basic. I retired March 1, 2013. On March 2, I picked this bike up at Mike Johnson's Power Sports in Russellville, Arkansas. I've put 95,000 miles on it since, and except for a TPS a couple of years back, it's been trouble-free. I've seen most of the lower 48 on it as well...
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    Adjusting throttle position sensor

    On page 7-12 of my shop manual under "ADJUSTING THE THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR" there's a tip that says "Before adjusting the throttle position sensor, the throttle bodies must be removed." Really? I'm hoping that's just poor translation. Do the throttle bodies actually need to be removed for...
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    If you use Yahoo! email and rely on being notified of replies

    Yahoo! has treated all mail from here as spam for the last few days. When I realized I was not getting them I marked them as "Not Spam." If you use Yahoo!, you may consider doing likewise to set them straight ..... maybe.
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    Garmin Zumo 660LM -- $310

    Click --> A friend sent me this link and declared it a "great bargain." ;) I can't say whether it's a great price or not, but it may be worth looking into.
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    Say it ain't so, Hugh!

    Like the last line says, "What's left?" Playboy magazine to end publishing fully nude female photos
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    2007 FJR for sale in Alabama

    This bike belongs to a fellow ZRX rider, and I offered to put it here for him. I've never seen the bike, but the pictures look good. His email explaining the bike and reasons for selling is below. If you or anyone you know is interested, please get in touch with me here via a personal...
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    Where the heck do these go? or, left over parts.

    I hate having parts left over. I pulled the tank to install new plugs and route a wire back to a Powerlet plug, and these two items were lying loose on the left frame rail. I can't, for the life of me, see where they go. The washer is a steel washer, 8mm ID. The spacer is plastic and sort of...
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    Boot sale

    I received this in my emails today and there are some good prices here. I'd buy another pair of Solutions if they had my size.
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    Weird Outlook problem

    My email is a Yahoo! email account, but I've recently started getting my email via Outlook 2010. Problem is, when I get reminders via Outlook, when I click the link following "The topic can be found here: ", it takes me to the forums Home page instead of the relevant post in the topic. But the...
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    Flash mob at Air and Space Museum

    Merry Christmas folks
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    Mouse hunting

    I'm not sure if it's even possible to embed a Facebook video, but this one made me laugh out loud. Maybe it'd be worth having to click ;)
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    Arkansas traffic stop

    Two men are driving through Arkansas when they get pulled over by an Arkansas State Police officer. The officer walks up and taps on the window with his nightstick. The driver rolls down the window and WHACK, the officer smacks him in the head with the stick. The driver asks, "What the hell was...
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    New type GoPro mount

    I wonder if this could be adapted to the FJR
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    Push Mountain Road -- Hwy 341 Arkansas -- stickers

    A friend had these made and is selling them on the ZRX forum. I know, for a fact , that some of you folks really like the road and thought there may be some interest. If so, feel free to contact me personally, and we'll figure it out. The price is $1 for a triplet -- one large and two small...
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    Insurance deductibles

    I got my insurance bill on my FJR and after picking myself up off the floor, I called my agent and told him that $1150 a year, collision and comp -- $500 deductible, for a bike with a Blue Book value of $13,000 was absurd. I told him I planned to pay it off and cancel the collision and comp and...
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    Things that make you slap your forehead and say "Doh!"

    For some time I thought how inconvenient the sidestand was on my 2013. Being between the footpeg and centerstand lever made me turn my foot sort of sideways and try to get in there to get it. I finally learned to put my heel on the peg then side it back. Then one day I missed. While putting...
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    Rich Fletcher Recovery I haven't seen this on this board. The link above gives complete details of Rich Fletcher being run down in Oakland, CA. Donations are being accepted at the page via Paypal. I've done what I can and hope others will see fit to contribute as well. From...
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    Looks like we're getting another tire choice

    I just opened my October 2013 Cycle World and saw a 2013 FJR in the Bridgestone ad. I read further, and they're talking about the new Battlax T30 -- never heard of that. I went to their web page, and it appears they've not heard of it yet either. I wonder if that'll be a BT023GT replacement...
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    No-Mar Yellow Thing or XTrahand clamp

    Has anyone here tried either the No-Mar Yellow Thing or XTraHand clamp? I use a Harbor Freight changer and Mojolever, and I'm thinking something like this would be very convenient when working alone. See products at